Pros And Cons Of Getting An Inner Lip Tattoo

The hottest spot for celebrities to get tattooed right now might just be the inner lip, with everybody from Miley Cyrus to Kendall Jenner and Ruby Rose showing off their own take on the trend. Rose, for example, has the word "MEOW" tattooed on the inside of her lip, telling Canvas magazine it was her most painful tattoo by far. "It's so weird, putting a needle right on your face," she recalled. "Clearly I'll never have cosmetic surgery, because that was scary enough for me."

Lip tattoos might be totally in right now, but they're some of the least reliable and, as Rose herself admitted, could be the most painful you could possibly get. Still, if you have a sweet (or rude) design idea in mind and you couldn't imagine it anywhere else, it's best to be prepared before going under the needle.

Lip tattoos are easily hidden and private

If you're concerned about looking heavily tattooed, then an inner lip tattoo might suit perfectly. A blog post from Custom Tattoo Design posits the idea that, if you wish to keep your ink hidden (for work or any other purposes), then an inner lip tattoo is your best bet as you quite literally have to fold down your lip for anybody to see it. 

Similarly, if you're unsure about the permanence of being inked for life — and remember, there are plenty of reasons you should never get a tattoo, after all — this particular spot could suit, too, as the placement means the tattoo won't last anywhere nearly as long. The saliva and friction in our mouths makes the ink fade quicker than basically anywhere else on the body (this is also, technically, a con — see below). 

Finally, if you're looking to get something a bit cheekier, your inner lip is the ideal spot because it's hidden so you won't be running the risk of offending little old ladies on public transport. 

Lip tattoos don't last long or hold up very well

When it comes to inner lip tattoos, tattoo artist Nikki Simpson notes they're particularly difficult to do. Also, if you're concerned about longevity, prepare for some serious pain because unless they're "laid in nice and deep," Simpson advises you've no chance of it lasting. Fellow tattoo artist Ryan Ashley Malarkey agrees, noting, "These always fade, and most of the time not evenly. The skin inside of the mouth is so thin and heals at a much faster rate because it's always lubricated, so the majority of the inner lip tattoos I've seen either spread and become unrecognizable blobs over time." 

There's an increased risk of infection, too, as Custom Tattoo Design warns, because of the bacteria present in our mouths. You'll need to refrain from eating and drinking for a few hours after getting inked, too, so keep that in mind.