Reasons Why The Microbiome Skincare Trend Is So Important

If you're a big fan of beauty, you're likely to have noticed that microbiome skincare and probiotic-infused products are trending. Even if you haven't, microbiome skincare is worth knowing about. First, though, you need to understand what microbiome is — and why it's so important.

"The skin microbiome is a whole community of organisms that live on the skin," Professor Carsten Flohr, a British Association of Dermatologists accredited consultant dermatologist, explained to Vogue. "That includes bacteria, viruses and fungi, but the primary focus of research for skincare is bacteria," he continued. "Your skin bacteria and skin immune system talk to each other, and they talk to the bacteria in your gut. Just like with your gut, having a diverse balance is the key to a happy microbiome." 

Microbiome skincare, then, works to achieve this balance.

Microbiome skincare combats problems like dry and irritated skin

According to Trevor Steyn, a former organic chemist and founder of ESSE Skincare, "We're not sufficiently equipped to handle daily hot showers or baths, or chlorinated water, or a sugar-heavy diet." In other words, our skin is not able to cope with the various different elements that we expose it to, and it reacts by becoming dry and irritated, which is where microbiome skincare comes in. 

"By introducing a diversity of good (friendly) bacteria into an environment, it will help balance out and reduce aggravating and damaging bad bacteria," said Debbie Thomas, skincare expert and founder of the D.Thomas Clinic told Sydney Morning Herald.

And it's only going to become more and more common. "As more and more research is dedicated to determining which probiotics target specific skin issues, and the research expands to include improving healthy skin, coupled with advancements in scientific tools to study skin microbes, I think we will see more live probiotics appearing in our skincare," predicts Thomas.