The Truth About Boho Chic Weddings

Boho (short for Bohemian) chic is an eclectic, kind of hippie, kind of music festival aesthetic. The Boho style has been embraced by celebs including the Olsen Twins, and Nicky Hilton even created a 2017 line of mother-daughter Boho fashion (via Tolani Collection). Perhaps the best-known personification of today's Boho style is a millennial Instagram influencer (one of a thousand such), usually a sun-kissed, model-perfect blonde in a gauzy dress and a big straw hat who's posing on a beach at sunset gazing wistfully into the horizon.

Say what you will about Boho chic, however, the look is undeniably romantic, and thus perfect for a wedding theme. These Bohemian-inspired choices may help inspire your choice of wedding location, attire, and even menu.

Boho chic wedding venues

If one word could sum up the ideal setting for a Boho chic wedding,that word would be outdoors. Deep in a redwood grove, out in the desert, or at a posh rainforest resort... and of course seaside weddings are always a Boho classic, although you'll get extra points for obscure eco-tourism destination beaches best described as "unspoiled" (in other words, Coney Island and Atlantic City are definitely out).

If you're marrying in wintertime, or rain has the nerve to threaten your Instagram-worthy vows, indoor options include the ever-popular wedding barns, or less traditional alternatives including canvas tents or even a luxury treehouse such as the ones offered by Issaquah, Washington's Treehouse Point (via Harper's Bazaar).

Boho chic wedding wear

The Boho bridal gown should be lacy, gauzy, maybe even a little fringy. Romantic, but a little sexy — off-the-shoulder is fine, as are plunging necklines, and sheer fabrics are cool, too. Hemlines can be wherever you want them, from mini to sweep-the-floor (via Harper's Bazaar). The Boho bride can go vintage or modern or mix-and-match — basically, anything goes, as long as the overall look somehow screams, "Unique!"

Oh, and ditching the veil in favor of a flower crown is still pretty much de rigueur, since it's way more Boho chic to wear your wedding bouquet than to carry it.

The Boho chic wedding buffet

Boho chic is trendy, and so should your food be. Quirky, even. Non-traditional, as the Boho Weddings blog puts it. They interviewed the caterers from Kalm Kitchen, who suggested such items as signature cocktails and maybe a soda stream station, picnic food (perfect for the outdoor wedding) like cold meats, cheeses, and fresh bread, and DIY desserts where guests create their own sweet treats from a variety of ingredients such as fruits, jellies, puddings, and creams.

Perhaps the most Boho chic wedding caterer of all, however, would be a food truck or street cart. Not only is this a fun and interactive way for wedding guests to be fed, but it's just so... photogenic. And isn't that, after all, what a Boho chic wedding is all about?