The Truth About Snug Piercings

Snug piercings are part of the super-cute, so-called "minimalist" piercing trend that's sweeping the nation (or Instagram) right now. As a blog post by piercing and tattoo shop The Ink Factory details, the piercing is located on the ridge between the inner and outer ear. This particular piercing is different from other popular ear piercings, such as helix piercings, tragus piercings, and conch piercings, but one thing they all share is that the jewelry goes through firm ear cartilage.

Placement is based on personal preference but suffice to say, because the piercer will have to jam a needle through a big chunk of cartilage, it's likely going to be a painful piercing. However, if you're looking for something subtle but eye-catching, a snug piercing may be up your alley.

Snug piercings hurt but they're low maintenance

The Ink Factory advises that, obviously, everybody's pain threshold is different — however, the snug is considered one of the more painful ear piercings. The pain will be quick though as, unlike a tattoo, piercings take just a few moments to complete. The snug also takes slightly longer to heal than other piercings, clocking in at around six to 12 months, but you can change your jewelry and get it looking cute after just three months.

Taking care of your new piercing should be relatively easy, too. Piercer Charlotte Coffey explained to Hello Giggles, "Use a saline spray that is gentle on the piercing and great for sensitive skin. Cleaning should be done two to three times a day, so it is relatively low maintenance in this regard." Make sure you don't sleep on your ear while it's healing as much as possible, though, to avoid any extra friction.

Snug piercings heal well with minimum visible scar tissue

You need to be careful of how long you leave your jewelry out while healing, also (ideally, don't take it out until the piercing is fully healed to be safe). "Typically, removing it just to switch to a new piece isn't problematic," advises Coffey. "However, leaving it out for extended lengths of time, you run the risk of the piercing shrinking, and the previous jewelry may no longer fit. This could also result in the piercing closing permanently."

The other good news is scar tissue won't be visible from snug piercings so, if you do decide it's not for you once the piercing has healed, you can take it out without risking wrecking your ear. Regardless, this may be a painful one, but it's cute, relatively subtle, and should be simple enough to heal, so if you're considering getting a snug, it's a no-brainer.