Here's What 90 Day Fiance's Larissa Dos Santos Lima Is Doing Now

90 Day Fiancé fans were left reeling when Larissa Dos Santos Lima's volatile marriage to Colt Johnson dissolved in front of their very eyes. The seemingly happy(ish) pair married back in 2018 but filed for divorce only about seven months after getting married, with plenty of drama in between (via Heavy). Among 90 Day Fiancé's best and worst couples, they're clearly part of the latter group.

Dos Santos Lima's legal troubles have been well-publicized, most notably her multiple arrests for domestic violence following altercations with Johnson. Fans are now left wondering whether they've seen the last of the 90 Day Fiancé star, or if she's gone back to Brazil thanks to her messy divorce and public shaming that followed.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima is looking for love again

In October 2019, the reality star revealed to Us Weekly that ex Colt Johnson had reached out following her split from her most recent boyfriend Eric Nichols. "He texted after the breakup. But he is old news for me now. I don't care if he is happy or not. I am really happy... [That] is what matters," she explained. As for whether she'd ever consider getting back with her 90 Day Fiancé co-star, Dos Santos Lima said, "It is an illusion to think Colt and I will be a couple again."

For now, the reality star is happily dating, and knows what she's looking for in her next relationship, saying, "I want a godly man with his family values and one who is financially and emotionally stable. Someone who brings the best out of me." As for why things with Nichols didn't work out in the end, she reasoned, "I jumped into a relationship too fast right after my divorce — before I healed."

Being a social media influencer suits Larissa Dos Santos Lima to a tee

Aside from looking for love, Larissa Dos Santos Lima is pulling in $50 a pop on Cameo, recording personalized messages for fans. She's also busy making money on Instagram where she has hundreds of thousands of followers and is quickly gaining traction as an influencer, partnering with brands including Fashion Nova. The 90 Day Fiancé star also recently promoted some cosmetic work (in a now-deleted Instagram post) she'd had done by Dr. Heather Rohrer, who injected fillers into Dos Santos Lima's cheekbones, nose, lips, chin, and jawline.

The break of a new year clearly presented an opportunity for the reality star to rehab her image, too, as she posted a lengthy message on December 29, noting, "A new year, a new decade is quickly approaching. While I have been working to better my mind, body, and spirit in 2019, I want 2020 to be the year or renewal and to cleanse all the bad energy from the past."

The dark side of fame has affected Larissa Dos Santos Lima

Although Dos Santos Lima is clearly enjoying being in the spotlight, the fiery Brazilian is discovering there are downsides to her burgeoning fame, too. Earlier this year, she took to Instagram to share a disturbing story with fans, as a warning for those pushing things too far with their fave celebs. "Think it's easy and all fun 388K. Think again," she began ominously, in a since-deleted post (via In Touch Weekly), referencing her massive follower count. 

The reality star recounted, "She compliments you, and wishes to meet up with you. Very quickly, she messages you that you are an ugly whore and she wishes ill on you." Dos Santos Lima continued about a crazed fan, "She is one of many women that will develop a strange and disturbing obsession with you. They will stalk your every move on social media, paying close attention to who you are close to and stalk them as well. These women will go after your husband or boyfriend, not because they want him, but to upset you."

Larissa Dos Santos Lima is taking a stand against bullies

She described receiving "beyond inappropriate" DMs, saying, "They will try to hunt down those you are involved with sentimentally, including your family, in an attempt to cause a devastating family rift." Ultimately, Dos Santos Lima took a defiant stand against such trolls and bullies, advising simply, "In order to hurt me over their unhealthy obsession, they hurt many other people. It is not harmless, it is hateful." 

90 Day Fiancé's own Darcey Silva rallied around her co-star, sharing a message of support. "We are here for each other," she wrote. "Staying and standing strong! Love you! Keep inspiring and being beautiful inside and out!" Clearly these are ladies who know how to stand up for themselves when it counts.