Signs You're A Victim Of 'Love Bombing'

A lot of new relationships start off hot and heavy. While this is often a sign that things are going really well, sometimes it could be the opposite. An affectionate partner might seem like a good thing on paper, but in real life, someone who is too affectionate might be using a technique known as love bombing.

What's love bombing? Love bombing is a technique that people use to make you feel overwhelmed with love and attention. This technique is dangerous because it can make you oblivious to their flaws. While anyone can love bomb someone, love bombing is most commonly employed by narcissists to keep you happy in spite of being in a toxic relationship. 

"Love bombing is largely an unconscious behavior," psychotherapist Ami Kaplan told Cosmopolitan. "It's about really getting the other person. Then when they feel like they really got the person and they feel secure in the relationship, the narcissist typically switches and becomes very difficult, abusive, or manipulative."

How do you know you're being love bombed?

Signs of love bombing can be tricky to recognize. Be on the lookout for someone who comes on too strong. While this can be head-turning and make you feel special, it can actually be a sign that someone is love bombing you.

If they're dropping the "L" word too early in a relationship, they just might be love bombing you. "If you think it's too early for them to really love you, it probably is," licensed therapist Rebecca Weiler told Healthline. "Or if you feel like they don't know enough about you to actually love you, they probably don't."

Someone who is love bombing you will shower you with attention and gifts, but it can be hard for them to maintain their affectionate demeanor. Watch out for their true toxic personality coming through. "They love bomb and then they devalue you, so you're always on high alert and you never want to do anything wrong," therapist Perpetua Neo told Business Insider.