'80s Fashion Trends We Want To Come Back In 2020

Those of us who survived '80s fashion might not have wished it on our nearest and dearest, but there are those who feel that the decade's most iconic fashion statements deserve to be seen and talked about in 2020. We're talking the bold style seen in power suits and shoulder pads, and the bright patterns and colors that appeared on slouchy jackets and athletic wear. While trends come and go, you can almost bet that previous decades will eventually show up on the rack again — although it's now just a bit different than it was before.

So if you haven't Marie Kondo'ed your storage yet, this may be the time to do just that, if only to find out whether the fashions you (or your mom) couldn't bear to part with back then can rightly be upcycled and reused as part of a legit vintage look today.

Oversized blazers can make a come back

Southern Living is keen to see the return of oversized blazers and shoulder pads, and they're not talking about the structured look epitomized by Joan Collins and Linda Evans on Dynasty; they're calling for softly structured pads that sit on the shoulders — the kind that doesn't tell those around you that you're ready to duke it out in the boardroom, like the more aggressive versions from 40 years ago tended to do. Southern Living also favors this 2020s take on a 1980s look in black, taupe, or neutral plaid because of its versatility.

The classic look fits in nicely with the mood of the moment. "If Pantone's choice of Color of the Year 'Classic Blue' reveals anything, it's a desire for stability," designer Elle AyoubZadeh tells Refinery 29. "I predict that trends and designs will fall into either classics playing on that desire or [designs that] push the boundaries. I think we'll see more suiting and knitwear — I am especially excited about knitwear as it's versatile and elegant in a modern way. Pearls also!" 

Some designers are happy for polka dots to make a comeback

If you're tired of bold, solid colors, this may be the year to give your polka dot classics an airing out. The Zoe Report called polka dots an easy way to segue into this 1980s fashion, especially if the outfit comes with details like a dropped waist, a square neckline, or ruching. 

In Style also gave polka dots their vote, saying it's OK for you to balance out the whimsical pattern by pairing it with solid colors. If you're feeling bold, you may even want to consider adding stripes or a zebra print... which we're sure will make you stand out (if that's what you're looking to do, that is).

'80s leggings will stick around as 2020s comfort wear

The Zoe Report says stirrup leggings were very much a part of the 1980s, and while we may not find those specific styles anymore, leggings (the best kind can now be found as athleisure wear) will be a solid part of the 2020s fashion landscape.

"Women are starting to prioritize comfort," Maram Aboul Enein, Designer for Maram Paris tells Refinery 29. "Our lifestyles have become so fast-paced, it's normal to wear a pair of workout leggings and sneakers with a tailor blazer and designer bag. I think 2020 will play more with the idea of elevated sportswear and androgynous suiting to further adapt to the modern women's lifestyle."