What It Really Means When You Dream About Getting A Tattoo

Tattoos are everywhere right now, so fantasizing or even dreaming about getting one is not unusual. If you fear going under the needle but can't get the idea of a tattoo out of your head, even while fast asleep, it might hint that there's something deeper going on — or, perhaps you've been spending too much time on Instagram checking out other people's gorgeous work.

Maybe you're about to make a permanent change in your life or are getting ready to embark on a new adventure. Or you're simply looking to branch out creatively or find a space to express yourself in an artistic manner. Maybe you just want some more attention from loved ones. There are many reasons you could be dreaming about getting a tattoo, but it's possible that none of them have anything to do with actually getting one IRL.

Tattoo dreams symbolize permanence

According to Dream Moods, tattoos in dreams represent your individuality or desire, whether pronounced or otherwise, to stand out more. You might secretly wish to be different or more unique than everybody else (this is especially true if you don't actually have any tattoos). Likewise, a tattoo could symbolize anything that's made a lasting impression on you. Or, you could currently be about to make a decision that could have that kind of massive impact on you and your life.

As for what kind of tattoo you dream about getting, a dragon on your wrist could symbolize you're looking for more attention, or to be rewarded for efforts and actions, while an ace of diamonds shows pride in past accomplishments and a desire to share them with your loved ones. 

Dreaming about getting a tattoo isn't necessarily literal

Dreaming and Sleeping makes a case for tattoo dreams being particularly significant, as we don't usually dream about fully-realized body parts. Dreaming about a specific tattoo on your body, which you can see clearly, could signal a desire to rebel against something in your life, or even change everything about it completely. Dreaming about being covered in tattoos, meanwhile, hints at a workaholic nature and an urgent need to slow down.

If you're dreaming about getting a tattoo, it could represent your impulsive nature. You might even be silently fretting about previous decisions, or how you may have treated people badly during an impulsive moment in the past. It could even hint at your having insulted or hurt someone. This dream is your brain telling you to be more careful in future, rather than giving in to your impulsive nature.