The Big Clue That Meghan Markle Is Planning A Return To Show Business

She may have retired in 2017, but there are signs that Meghan Markle may be planning to 'unretire' and return to showbusiness. A source tells US Weekly, "Meghan is actively looking for representation. She has begun outreach. It can be a manager or an agent, but she's reaching out to people to find someone to represent her for future professional projects."

Markle has apparently wasted no time in seeking out work; not long after she and Prince Harry left England to begin new lives in Canada after stepping down from their royal duties, she reportedly signed a deal with Disney to do a voice-over, but the proceeds of the job are to go to a wildlife charity of her choice. The idea for that project was reportedly floated by Prince Harry when he met with Disney CEO Bob Iger during the London premiere of The Lion King in July 2019 (via Today).

TV streaming giant Netflix has also indicated it would be interested in working with both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle if the opportunity came up. Harry currently has a deal with Apple TV+, where he and Oprah Winfrey would produce a series of documentaries on mental health (via CNBC).

Meghan Markle wants to be the breadwinner

If true, an unnamed source tells US Weekly that Meghan's bid to make a Hollywood comeback has Harry's support. "Meghan loves the idea of being the breadwinner," the source said. "She has no plans to do another show like Suits, but Harry's been encouraging her to do more voice-over work, writing, producing and directing in her free time."

While Harry and Meghan appear to be happy in Canada, E! News says that the couple is looking to relocate to Los Angeles for the summer. "They have started to look at homes online and are in the process of interviewing security teams. They are getting their ducks in a row and seeing if it's logistically possible," the source says. "They've reached out to people in L.A. and would like to assemble a team of locals."