You've Been Applying Fake Freckles Wrong This Entire Time

Fake freckles add a touch of cuteness to any look. They are often seen as a sign of natural beauty and add character. "Freckles are the mark of rebellious dreamers, wild adventurers, and unapologetic natural beauty," said Remi Brixton, the creator of faux freckle makeup brand Freck Yourself (via Allure). Celebrity makeup artist Victoria Baron agrees. "Freckles are fresh and youthful," she told Gritty Pretty. However, fake freckles are not actually as easy to apply as they look.

According to Allure, the trick to applying fake freckles is to reach for an eyebrow pencil and put down the more common eyeliner pencil. In general, brow pencils are waxier and will look more natural when on the face. Baron adds, "Don't sharpen [them] too much. It's nice if they are a little worn in." Allure's other suggestion is to use a pencil that's been created specifically for applying fake freckles to your face. Basically, you want something that's also going to stay put.

Use your finger to dab fake freckles after applying

In terms of application, it's key that you stop drawing circles as this is not the best way to replicate freckles. "Don't draw a circle, just place the pencil on your skin and twist," Baron told Gritty Pretty. If you have any natural freckles, you can make them stand out more if you place the fake freckles on top of them but, Baron warns, "If you look in the mirror and the freckles jump out at you then you've gone overboard."

As per most beauty rules, less is best. "Remember less is best. Start slow and don't be heavy handed, the look should be subtle," said Baron. "When in doubt, tap them with your finger," she continued. Ultimately, the best thing you can do is experiment on your days off so you can work out how many or how few freckles suit your face.