Signs That You're An Alpha Female

Contrary to what you (or those around you) might think, an alpha female is not someone who is overbearing, opinionated, manipulative, condescending, or has other qualities that we might see in an alpha male. University of London history professor Joanna Bourke said it best when she defined what it meant to be an alpha female (via The Guardian).

She said, "I think there is a difference between alpha female and alpha male. The women I would nominate have changed the world by their philosophy and writings, and they have made an impact by the way they live, or lived, their lives: Simone de Beauvoir, Virginia Woolf, and Germaine Greer. In their sexual identity, in the way they constructed their domestic lives, they strove to be true to themselves. If they were confrontational, it was not for its own sake, but to say: 'This is what I am.' They acknowledge their own complexities. Alpha males do not go down that route."

An alpha female lives her own truth

Like other alpha females in history, you are most likely to carve your own path if you're one too. You may not live the life everyone expects a woman to live. You may opt out of life choices that the people around you may not agree with. 

On a more shallow front, you may even choose to break away from fashion trends. Those around you may not understand how you can live the way you do, but because you have a strong sense of what is right, you aren't afraid to live your life the way you think you should. A true alpha female doesn't compromise her principles in order to live by the standards of other people, and she will conduct herself with dignity and grace as she moves through life (via A Conscious Rethink).

An alpha female lives with purpose

Because you know pretty much what you want out of life, you have clear goals that define what you want to get to get out of the day. You also understand that to reach those goals, you need balance across all aspects of your life, whether it's physical, mental, and spiritual. 

And if there are parts of your life that don't serve your needs in a positive way, you're not afraid to move on, because for you, the chance to develop yourself outweighs the fear of giving up what is routine and comfortable. In describing the characteristics of an alpha female, Lifehack also identifies the ability to face change and whatever life throws at you to be the greatest quality an alpha female can have.