Signs You Might Really Be Clairsentient

Have you ever been in a large group and felt inexplicably drained? Do you know when someone has had a bad day before they say anything? Are you particularly sensitive to rooms and spaces that you enter? Have you had friends and family complain about how sensitive you are (or can be)?

The internet is squarely divided on what this might mean. For scientists and skeptics, these feelings can mean that you are actually picking up on what you might have dismissed as visual clues. "People can sense things that they believe they cannot see," says Piers Howe, a vision scientist at the University of Melbourne in Australia (via Live Science). "But this isn't anything magical or a sixth sense; this can be explained in terms of known visual processing." 

But if you believe in Extrasensory Perception (also known as ESP, and you wouldn't be alone if you did), these would be signs that you are clairsentient.

Being clairsentient turns you into a psychic sponge

Clairsentience lets you sense energies and emotions of everything around you. People who have this ability are also considered to be sensitive and empathic, which means they can often end up feeling overwhelmed and burdened by any negative energies around them. Because it is one of the lesser-known abilities associated with ESP, Psychic Guild says some people view clairsentience as one of the most underrated of all psychic abilities.

As a clairsentient, you have the ability to pick up the energies of the people around you. But this also means you are careful of who you spend time with because some friends and loved ones make you feel more drained and exhausted than others. Your ability to empathize makes you a good listener because it doesn't take you long to get to the bottom of a person's problem (via Thought Catalog).

If you are clairsentient, it means you also pick up on the energies in the environment you are in. You may become sluggish if bad energy is present, but happy, vital, and alive if it's not. While being intuitive has its good points, having a heightened sensitivity for your surroundings as a clairsentient means you need to learn to create a psychic barrier around you, because it is not possible to absorb a high level of energy and emotion at the same time.