Things You Should Never Buy From A Consignment Store

As shopping sustainably grows in popularity, so too does the presence of thrift and consignment stores. While thrift stores are usually a bit of a free for all with a variety of products and brands, consignment stores are more curated and usually stock brands on the higher end. According to Tammy Fluhr-Gates (via The Guardian), whose family founded and still owns Michael's on Madison Avenue in New York, consignments stores are basically a glorified version of eBay with different percentages. 

Natalie Tincher, the founder and principal stylist at BU Style, a personal styling company based in New York City, adds (via INSIDER), "A lot of the fabrics and styling of secondhand are more unique than what we're seeing in mass fashion today." She continued, "These kinds of clothes often have an interesting story that people feel can add to their own style or personal brand." 

But are there any items you should never buy from a consignment store?

Never buy clothes that don't fit properly

Tincher told INSIDER that the first thing you need to be wary of is clothes and shoes that don't fit properly. While it might be your dream designer dress or style of jeans you've spent months looking for, if it doesn't fit, it's not going to without spending more money at a tailor. "Take out the fact that you love the style, but make sure the style works on you and your body," she said. Clothes with stains or that are in need of repair are also a no-no as there's a big chance the stain will never come out or issue will never be fixed.

Also, if you are thinking about purchasing something that's by a luxury brand or designer, never buy any handbag without authentication, as faked luxury items are everywhere, but often easy to spot if you know what you're looking for. Labels on clothing that have mismatched patterns or stitching are also usually a sign that they may not be an original.