What Happens When You Wear Eyelid Tape Every Day

They may be a niche product in America, but they are everywhere in Asia — little curved strips of tape which look like they've been made with adhesive or magic tape. To women who have monolids or droopy eyelids, eyelid tape may as well be a commodity, as they are used to look more wide-eyed in some cases, or younger in others. Putting on eyelid tape could also require plenty of practice because the tape also requires you to lay it in place by using rounded, flat, plastic sticks (via D-Up).

Given the level of difficulty in applying the tape, we can be forgiven for thinking leaving the tape on for long periods of time could somehow change the shape of your eyes. But can they?

Doctors weigh in over long-term use of eyelid tape

While the internet has its share of stories from women who would swear on the positive effects of eyelid tape, doctors aren't as certain.

"Taping produces a temporary crease because the skin is not smooth," board-certified plastic surgeon Perry Liu says (via Real Self). "It attempts to mimic the internal attachments of the skin that create the Asian double eyelid fold. However, once the tape is not on your skin or the sticky material from the tape is cleansed off, the eyelids usually revert back to their original shape."

"It is likely that manipulating the eyelids with the tape will cause some minor stretching of the eyelids," says Kenneth Steinsapir, an ophthalmologist who specializes in eyelid surgery. "Occasionally individuals can develop an allergic reaction to the tape itself. Provided the tape is an option that may [be used] to manipulate the appearance of the double fold. Ultimately it is not ideal."

Between concerns over glue allergies, to worries about over-stretching sensitive eyelid skin, it could be time to give long-term use of eyelid tape a pass.