Here's What You Should Know Before Getting Your First Pedicure

As soon as the warmer weather hits, the first thing you usually want to do is ditch your closed in shoes. But as soon as you do, you realize your feet haven't seen sunlight for months and you've unknowingly been neglecting them. 

The best quick-fix solution is, of course, a pedicure. While you can always DIY a pedicure, there's nothing quite like getting your feet pampered by a professional. And if you've never had a pedicure in a salon before, there's nothing to be afraid of. However, there are a few things you should be aware of before you sit down in that chair.

Ensure the nail salon practices good hygiene

The first thing you should know about pedicures is that they aren't created equally. In other words, you need to do your research to find the right salon for you — read reviews and make sure they take hygiene seriously. 

If they don't wash their tools properly, you could end up with a nasty infection or worse. "Ask how the tools are cleaned, and don't be shy!" Sarah Gibson Tuttle, owner of nail spa Olive & June, told Teen Vogue. "In California, our state board mandates that salons must use a hospital grade sanitizer," she explained. 

But be warned, some salons simply pretend to clean the tools. Nadine Ferber, owner of NYC's Tenoverten, added that any non-metal tools with white markings usually indicate they've been used before. Keep an eye out for the state of the foot spa, too. 

Callous shavers are illegal in most states

Secondly, callous shavers, which look similar to a giant razor or cheese grater, are illegal in most states. According to StyleCaster, even if you live somewhere where they are legal, you should still say no. While cutting of the nail is generally safe, make sure your technician isn't doing it too quickly or carelessly. "Nicking your skin can be very dangerous," Tuttle told Teen Vogue.

Lastly, if you don't think your pedicure is up to scratch, ask for a redo. Whether the nail polish is uneven or smudged, "It's gracious to understand that you might have to wait a moment until a manicurist frees up, but clients should never feel uncomfortable asking for a redo," advised Tuttle. If you've opted for regular nail polish, feel free to wait at the salon until they are completely dry. And don't forget your flip flops!