How Much Ben And Erin From Home Town Are Actually Worth

Home Town is one of HGTV's biggest delights primarily because it's hosted by the sweetest couple this side of Chip and Joanna Gaines who, thanks to their expanding empire, have helpfully left their thrones vacant. 

After several successful seasons, Ben and Erin Napier, who spend each Home Town episode showing off their, well, hometown of Laurel, Mississippi to eager newcomers so they can source and renovate old properties for them, are happy to take the lead. Their show is a relatively new addition to the HGTV slate, but its prideful small-town hook is irresistible.

Aside from being reality TV stars, the Napiers also own Laurel Mercantile Co., a store that sells reclaimed furniture, men's work-wear, and antiques. When they're not busy there, or renovating beautiful old houses, the happy couple is looking after their young daughter, Helen. They've got plenty going on, but certainly don't seem to be struggling.

Home Town stars Ben and Erin Napier are doing just fine

Although the Napiers' net worth isn't publicly known, several educated guesses have been made. E! News previously reported other HGTV couples, including the Gaineses themselves, are sitting on $5+ million. There are also certain dubious claims of $100+ million, as noted by a since-deleted piece, but that's clearly a wildly inaccurate figure (even Chip and Joanna would balk).

Home Town is still a new enough show so it stands to reason Ben and Erin may not have hit the big bucks just yet. But their day jobs should earn them a decent income, too. According to Romper, Erin's previous company, Lucky Luxe, was quite successful, so clearly they know what they're doing business-wise. Regardless, the Napiers remain unfazed by their HGTV fame, with Erin telling Country Living, "You don't feel like a star. You feel very regular. When you see your face on TV or you hear your voice, you think, 'This can't be a big deal because I'm a part of it. [Also] people in Laurel are not impressed."