Victorian Baby Names That Are Making A Comeback In 2020

The era of Queen Victoria's reign was a memorable one. Lasting from 1837 to 1901, the Victorian era changed the world in many ways. During the Victorian era, the world was introduced to the telegraph and the telephone. Charles Dickens wrote books that are still beloved today, and Charles Darwin published On the Origin of the Species.


While we wouldn't necessarily want to live back then (corsets were still standard issue during the Victorian era, and marriage advice given to women was troubling, to say the least), there are some things that could use a revival. We're grateful that bras have evolved since Victorian times, but we're also happy to see that these Victorian baby names are making a comeback in 2020.

Victorian boy names are on the rise

While names like Wallace, Theodore, Arthur, Leo, and Archie might sound old-fashioned and a bit stuffy, these Victorian baby names are making a long-overdue comeback. All of these monikers for baby boys were popular during the Victorian era (per information gathered by the Social Security Administration and published by baby name site Behind the Name) and have been on the rise in the last couple years.


They all have pretty great meanings or histories, too, making them a good choice for parents looking to give their baby a trendy Victorian name. Wallace means "Welsh" in Norman French and became a given name to pay homage to Scottish hero William Wallace. Arthur calls to mind the legendary King Arthur, while Theodore was a name that was borne by many saints.

Archie and Leo are also popular Victorian baby names, although they also feel quite modern. Leo is often short for Leonardo, making it a good choice for fans of actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Archie, of course, is the name given to the youngest baby of the British royal family, which is likely the reason for its recent surge in popularity.

Victorian girl names are also making a comeback

If you're expecting a little girl (or just covering your bases), have no fear as there are also plenty of Victorian baby names for girls that are making a comeback in 2020. Pretty soon, the names Josephine, Helena, Rosie, Matilda, and Stella will all feel decidedly trendy, instead of like names your great-grandmother's friends might have had.


While Josephine might seem like quite a long-winded name, it lends itself well to adorable nicknames like Jo and Joey. Helena is rooted in Greek mythology, making it a good option for lovers of folklore and history. Stella has a poetic feel to it. The name means "star" in Latin, and was first used as a name by the poet Philip Sidney in his sonnet collection Astrophel and Stella.

Matilda is another bold choice, and means "strength in battle." Rosie may seem delicate, but is no less fierce. While it's derived from the name Rose, which brings to mind fragrant gardens, it also can be traced back to a Germanic name meaning "famous type."