The Untold Truth Of The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss

The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss has been making waves on TV as a contestant vying for Peter Weber's heart... and leaving an impression on viewers.

After all, whether you love it, hate it, or have never even seen it, The Bachelor and its stars are here to stay. The reality television juggernaut has been on the air since 2002, bringing its legions of fans along on one wild ride after another. Whether it's fence-jumps, broken engagements, fights among the contestants, or surprising activities you can do in a windmill, there's always something to look forward to when each new season rolls around.

Hannah Ann Sluss notably won the honor of the first impression rose in Weber's Season 24 of The Bachelor, and it's clear the Knoxville native has charmed Pilot Pete, who might just decide to make her his co-pilot when all is said and done. But what else is there to know about this Bachelor Southern belle? And what secrets could she possibly be keeping? Read on to discover the untold truth of Hannah Ann Sluss. 

The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss has a successful modeling career

Like many of the contestants on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette before her, Hannah Ann Sluss had a successful modeling career before she became one of the show's stars. For one, she signed with Miami-based modeling company Next in 2018, according to a post on her Instagram page. "So many years of hard work and perseverance has paid off! Thank you to every person that has helped me along the way," she wrote in the caption. That's quite the impressive accomplishment.

Before that, The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss was the face of an ad campaign for the fast food chain Sonic, which you can see in a post she shared on Facebook. She's also done modeling for Closet Candy Boutique and Jovani, repped the 2018 Spring collection for Vanity Fair, and graced the bottle of Downy fabric softener, according to Cosmopolitan. And if you dig a little bit deeper, you'll find out that Sluss has been a contestant in beauty pageants, thanks to The Bachelor spoiler extraordinaire Reality Steve

Looks like our girl has always been busy!

This is why Peter Weber gave The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss the first impression rose

It became readily apparent that The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss was a contender for Peter Weber's heart when he bestowed his first impression rose upon her and followed that by locking lips for some serious smooching. And while some folks might think Sluss was a bit much out of the gate, or that she simply came on too strong, Weber clearly felt differently about her approach. "I'm really turned on by someone who is persistent and who shows me, especially in that kind of atmosphere, that they're there for me and how excited they are for me," he gushed in an interview with Cosmopolitan. "Her intention just was so obvious from the very beginning and throughout the night."

Weber isn't just happy that someone is super into him, too, as he genuinely likes Sluss beyond her persistent courting. "Every time she came back, I got a smile on my face, got the butterflies," he continued, noting, "It was a pretty easy choice." It certainly looked that way, and now Weber's confirmed it!

Check out The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss in this music video

In addition to starring on The Bachelor and strutting her stuff as a model, Hannah Ann Sluss has also appeared in a country music video. Specifically, you can find her playing the gorgeous girl at the bar in singer Chris Lane's video for "I Don't Know About You." After introducing herself as Georgia to Lane's Carolina, Lane and Sluss compete at karaoke and pool, eventually fleeing the bar when pursued by a police officer. But in the end just before they can share a kiss, the police officer returns — and it's revealed he's Georgia's father. Fortunately for the fictional Lane, he learns that his mystery woman's real first name is Olivia.

If you thought that Lane looked familiar after checking out the video, that's because he's no stranger to the Bachelor family. According to an article in People magazine, Lane married Lauren Bushnell in 2019, after her engagement to Ben Higgins came to an end. Sometimes Bachelor Nation can be a seriously small world!

The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss has been open about her plastic surgery

You might not know it from seeing her on The Bachelor, but Hannah Ann Sluss has had plastic surgery in the past. Specifically, she chose to have a breast augmentation done in order to make her form look more feminine. "I was really anxious about it at first," she confessed in a post on the Breazeale Clinic's Instagram page in 2018, four years after the surgery. She continued, "I had never had any work done before, and I was really nervous because this is plastic surgery, and I wanted it to look as natural as possible." Nothing wrong with that, Hannah!

While Sluss, one of several celebs who've admitted to having plastic surgery, may be an open book about why she chose to go under the knife, it's not something she wants to talk about with everyone she meets. "I also didn't want everyone to really recognize that I had had surgery," The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss continued. "I wanted it to just be a gradual transition into looking more like a woman."

Does The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss enjoy hunting?

It's not uncommon for contestants on both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to scrub their social media accounts before appearing on the show, or even at some point during taping. It's also not rare for the people who land a spot on the show to have some pretty shady social media posts in their past, according to the Philly Voice. Some contestants have even been eliminated before they got their shot thanks to sharing controversial or offensive tweets and memes.

Insofar as The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss is concerned, the Internet hasn't found anything super salacious about her — unless you're an animal rights activist, that is. According to an article in Cosmopolitan, it appears that Sluss posted a picture on Facebook of herself and her friends after going hunting. Sluss is featured in the middle of the photo holding a dead deer with one friend, while another friend to her side poses with a dead raccoon.

Whether or not Sluss enjoys hunting on the reg is unclear, but it's evident that she's not offended by the practice of killing animals. 

Hannah Ann Sluss was tight with this Bachelor alum before the show

In the meet-the-contestants livestream broadcast on Dec.16, 2019, eager fans of The Bachelor were introduced to Hannah Ann Sluss by host Chris Harrison. In the broadcast, he teased viewers about all of the drama Sluss got herself tangled up in over the course of the season, and he said that Sluss had quite the "backbone."

That wasn't all, either, as Harrison also revealed that Sluss was introduced to Bachelor Nation by Bachelor in Paradise alum Hannah Godwin. But what Harrison didn't share is that the pair are actually quite close and have been friends for quite some time. Godwin turned up in one of Sluss' Instagram posts in the summer of 2018. Godwin later appeared in one of Sluss' Facebook posts the next year, both of them all smiles in the picture. "Life is better with true friends [bouquet emoji] especially a friend that you have dance parties with in your hotel room," The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss wrote in the caption. "Love ya smurf." We are 100 percent here for this girlmance!

Who did Hannah Ann Sluss date before The Bachelor?

Some contestants on The Bachelor – like Colton Underwood, for example — have openly admitted to not having dated much when they appear on the show, even if they feel, in hindsight, like parts of their inexperience was a bit "over-played." But the vast majority of people who star on The Bachelor have been in long-term relationships before moving into the mansion, which is totally normal, as many people start dating as teenagers.

Such was the case for The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss, who had a very significant other for a long time before she decided to make a play for Peter Weber's heart. According to a post on her Facebook page, Sluss had a relationship that lasted for at least four years with a fellow named Ben Taylor. And by the looks of it, Taylor was a perfect gentleman, someone Sluss said has a "#heartofgold."

Taylor last turned up in Sluss' social media posts in February of 2018. Here's hoping the pair are still friends!

Family and friends are super important to The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss

One thing that The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber have in common is that even though they are over the age of 18 and more than capable of living on their own — after all, one of them is a model, and one of them is a pilot — both of them still live at home with their families. That's because they're both close with their families and presumably aren't in a rush to move out until they're ready.

Sluss has documented the importance of her family on social media, sharing just how much the people in her life matter to her. "Life is best when shared with the people that mean the most to you," she wrote in a post on her Instagram page, showing her with her mom, dad, and siblings. "I won the sister lottery with this one," Sluss wrote in another post, featuring her with her sister.

Sluss has also taken to social media on multiple occasions to celebrate her friends, who she's clearly grateful for as well. 

The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss looks exactly like her grandmother

Speaking of family, it turns out that The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss looks a lot like her grandmother on her mother's side. She made note of this in a post on her Facebook page, in which she shared a picture of her grandmother as a young woman. "Didn't know my grandma was my twin until today," she wrote in the caption. You really can see the resemblance, as they share a similar complexion, jaw line, cheekbone structure, and nose shape.

Several of Sluss' friends and family members agreed, echoing their affirmation in the comments. "You could be twins," one person wrote. "You're your grandma's mini-me," said another. "Wow! Beauty runs in your family," added one admirer.

An additional user also pointed out Sluss' resemblance to another one of her family members. "You are your mother's twin as well! Not just grandmothers," they shared.

The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss makes sure to follow a healthy lifestyle

If you couldn't already tell by looking at her, staying healthy and toned is something that's very important to The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss. That's something she confirmed in a post on her Facebook page, in which she promoted a beverage with vitamins and collagen. "Create healthy habits. Not restrictions," she wrote in the caption. "Eating clean and staying fit can be a long-term lifestyle change, not a short term diet."

That's not all Sluss does to stay fit, either, as she gave her Instagram followers a hint about what her exercise routine looks like. "Morning run with a beautiful view of the mountains," she wrote in a post, showing her jogging in Scottsdale, Ariz.

As for what Sluss likes to eat, judging by her social media posts, fruit is a favorite. In one Facebook post, she toasted a fellow diner with guava juice in front of a pineapple stuffed with fruit. Then in another post on her Instagram page, she pined for some tropical delicacies. "The fruit itself was worth the long trip to Hawaii! I'm already missing the delicious pineapples and strawberries," she shared.

The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss is a serious dog person

One of the first things that Peter Weber shared with the public when he returned home from filming The Bachelor was an Instagram snap of him and his dog. "Just got back from two months of the most insane journey ever...told my boy everything and he can't believe it," he wrote in the caption.

As it turns out, The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss is quite the dog person as well, and she's documented this multiple times over the years on her social media accounts. For one, she mourned the loss of her dog Bella on Facebook back in 2018, her faithful companion of 13 years. Earlier that year, she posted a picture of a super cute puppy who was trying to distract her from her school work. Then in May of 2019, she shared a selfie with a dog she sees when she's "home for the week."

That's not even the full extent of it either, as somehow Sluss always manages to find a dog to pet. "All you need in life is love & a dog," she wrote in yet another Instagram post. "Am I right or what?!"

The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss loves to travel

One thing that's abundantly clear when you look at the social media posts of The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss is that she travels a lot. That's not just because she was a contestant on The Bachelor, either — her modeling work required her to fly to shoots in some seriously swanky-looking locations. 

For example, in March of 2019, Sluss got to spend time in Hawaii, according to a post on her Instagram page. "This week I got to pretend to be Moana in Maui and Kauai," she wrote in the caption. "Wishing I could stay longer in beautiful Hawaii. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to travel and work with such genuinely kind people." Lucky!

Sluss has also shared snaps from other sweet locals, such as Malibu, Calif.; Newport Beach, Calif.; Miami Beach, Fla.; Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas, Scottsdale, Ariz.; and Carmel-by-the-Sea, Calif. So while she might be a Knoxville girl at heart, she's also quite the traveler. 

Guess who wasn't happy when The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss won a competition

Reality Steve spilled the tea on who was salty when the winner of one group date competition was announced. "When it was all over and Hannah had won, Kelsey was called over by production to the back," he revealed in a tweet in September 2019. "Thinking it may seem like since Kelsey was a former pageant winner, she has an issue with Hannah winning. Was told Kelsey was not a fan of Hannah. A lot of eye rolling." That sounds like quite the tense scene. 

If indeed that's how things went down during taping, it wouldn't be surprising. That's because The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber have certainly had their fair share of confrontation throughout the season, most notably what's been deemed #ChampagneGate. Of course, there's always a fair bit of conflict on The Bachelor, but this beef sticks out.