The Truth About Constellation Piercings

Constellation piercings are the latest stylish piercing trend to take Instagram by storm. As Refinery 29 memorably gushed over them via everyone's fave, Betty from Riverdale, constellation piercings are groupings of teeny ear piercings, usually three or more, which are ideal for piercing newbies as they can begin on just the lobes (as Betty wears hers).

As with any body piercing trend, there are those who take it to extremes, but for anyone looking for something low-key and eye-catching but not too over the top, constellation piercings are it. At least, for the time being.  

Constellation piercings should resemble the night sky

Constellation piercings are so called because, well, of the constellations in the night sky, which they resemble when done right. Clustered jewelry is spaced out in asymmetric shapes across the ear in whichever design you fancy. As Teen Vogue notes, Body Electric Tattoo in L.A. is one shop that's perfecting the look (and may have even originated it) thanks to piercing pro and owner Brian Keith Thompson.

The main thing to note is contrast, which means grouping together a "planet" alongside a couple smaller-sized "moons," mixing up hoops and studs, or customizing placement based on the shape of the ear. It's all about showing off your creativity and uniqueness. Likewise, be forewarned, as Thompson advised, "Two doesn't really make a constellation, but three does."

If you want constellation piercings, take your time

The other thing to note about constellation piercings is they can be added to existing piercings, so if you got your lobes done as a kid but have been too nervous to do anything else, fear not, as a constellation is in your future with just a couple extra holes. Glamour notes Thompson caters to each individual client, so if your previous work is a bit wonky, he can fix it with a constellation.

Three piercings generally kick things off, all of which can be done in one sitting if you like, but Thompson advises not getting more than five done at once. They take months to heal and look after, so three is plenty, especially at first. You'll want to let everything heal properly before going back for more too (and you'll definitely want more).