Kate Middleton Opens Up About Dealing With Mom Guilt

Kate Middleton isn't afraid to show her vulnerability, which is one of the things that makes her so relatable in spite of the fact that she's a member of the royal family. She recently gave an interview on the Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast, dishing about what it's really like to parent her three kids, Prince George, 6, Princess Charlotte, 4, and Prince Louis, 1 1/2.

Perhaps the most surprising revelation from the interview (via E! News) is that Middleton struggles with "mom guilt" like so many other mothers. "I think anyone who doesn't... is actually lying," said Middleton, admitting that she feels mom guilt "all the time."

Kate Middleton wants to give her kids a normal childhood

Even though she's raising royal children, which includes preparing one of them to be the ruler of England, Middleton still finds time to appreciate the simple things in life. "I think the things that really resonate with me most is the simple things and I see that even now with my own children, is actually, life now is so busy, so distracting, and actually sometimes the simple things like watching a fire on a really rainy day provides such enjoyment," she said.

Middleton is doing her best to give her kids as normal of an upbringing as possible. "I remember that from my childhood — doing the simple things, going for walks together — and that's really what I try to do with my children as well, because it totally strips away all the complications, all the pressures as a parent," she said. "And I think these experiences as well mean so much to children and the world that they're in, which is a real adventure, really, for them."

Middleton also stressed the importance of spending quality time with her children and helping them create lifelong memories. She wants them to remember moments with her and the family, like "[having] bonfires." She added, "That's what I would want them to remember, those moments with me as a mother but also as a family, going to the beach. Those are what I'd want them to remember, not the stressful household, when you're trying to do everything and not really succeeding at one thing."