How To Get A Guy To Admit He Likes You

Finding that special someone is no easy feat. While trying to figure out if a guy likes you might bring flashbacks to middle school, it's something a lot of us deal with in adulthood. Short of sending a guy a note and flat-out asking him if he likes you, is there any way to figure out if the guy you're crushing on is crushing back? Or do you just have to sit around waiting for him to make a move, or should you bite the bullet and ask him out for drinks?

There are some ways to at least be able to tell if a guy is into you. As Jack Schaefer, Ph.D., wrote for Psychology Today, mutual eye contact is an early hint that somebody may have feelings for you. You may also be able to tell if a guy likes you if they find ways to touch you, such as picking a piece of lint off your clothes. Leaning in towards you while you're talking, or mirroring your movements are other ways a guy may show he's interested in you, whether he's admitted to it or not.

Getting a guy to admit he likes you can be tricky

Once you're pretty sure that a guy is into you, the tricky part is getting him to admit it. If you're dead set against flat out asking him, the only thing to really do is wait it out. Getting a guy to admit he likes you may just be a matter of biding your time and letting things unfold naturally. According to dating coach Elliot Scott, building up trust is essential. "Anyway, for a guy to trust you enough to open up, he needs to know that you are not going to freak out as soon as he pours his heart out to you," wrote Scott in a blog post.

A guy who likes you may be too nervous to admit it in case you don't reciprocate his feelings. Dropping hints that you like him back can help boost his confidence and encourage him to reveal his true feelings for you.

Then again, you could just tell him you like him and ask if he likes you back. While many people are nervous to make the first move, and women often feel like they should wait for a guy to ask them out, shooting your shot can be both liberating and empowering. In fact, making the first move can actually improve the dating game for women. According to an OkCupid survey, when women make the first move, their chances of attracting more attractive men are increased.