The Differences Between A Curling Wand And A Curling Iron

It could be a "blink and you miss it" difference: curling irons have a clamp and wands don't, but both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Curling irons have been around for a while — since 1890 in fact, which is when Leaf says hairdresser Marcel Grateau came up with the idea. 

Curling wands are a fairly new thing, and you could call them a descendant of the original iron. And while they both do a good job of giving your hair an extra bounce, both actually leave your hair with a different type of curl. Today's wands and irons have barrels that come in different sizes, and each is designed to achieve a different effect. They can also be made of different materials including ceramic, Teflon, and even titanium.

When to use a curling wand

Curling wands may be best if you're looking for curls that are looser and have more bounce. Celebrity hairstylist Marcus Francis tells Elle, "If you're going to do soft waves or beach waves, you would use a curling wand because you don't need a clamp to set the hair," He adds that you shouldn't hold the wand too close to the head because it creates a roundness that is "not as flattering."

Because they are currently designed in a cone shape, curling wands are seen to create a beautiful curl, but Hot Air Brush Reviews says curling wands also work better on hair that is longer than shoulder length because they deliver a more natural-looking curl. There's also a risk of burning yourself if you don't use the instrument the right way.

When to use a curling iron

Because of their shape, Hot Air Brush Reviews says curling irons tend to deliver a more flattened curl, and they can leave marks where the clamp meets the barrel. But the site does think that an iron works better on shorter hair because the device is easier to wield. The ease of use factor also makes it a better device for thicker hair which can be sectioned off.

Whichever you choose, you might want to consider investing in a titanium wand or iron, because the material is best able to use heat to style hair without exposing it to the risk of damage. Hot Air Brush Reviews also says titanium leaves looking hair shiny and smooth... and the best part is that because the metal lasts longer, there is no danger that your funky curling gadget might rust or corrode.