Why Counting On Fans Aren't Happy With Derick Dillard

Who does what at home is a hot-button issue. In fact, a Pew Research Poll conducted back in 2003 showed that sharing chores was one of the top three factors in a happy marriage (that, fidelity in marriage, and good sex), and that 62 percent of couples said sharing chores is critical to marital success (via The Atlantic). We can't imagine things have changed much since then, which is why it's not surprising that Derick Dillard from Counting On got into trouble with fans for using the hashtag #womanswork on an Instagram post earlier this February (via In Touch Weekly).

The controversial post featured his wife Jill Duggar in the kitchen washing the dishes while their younger son was in a baby carrier. The caption read "Baby Sam helping Jill in the kitchen" with a smiley heart emoji, and the hashtags #teachemyoung, #ergobaby, and #womanswork. Jill responded with "'Baby' Sam"... a laughing emoji, #womanswork, and another laughing emoji (via Instagram).

Jill's reaction showed fans it was a joke — or was it?

Jill's public response on social media may point to the fact that her husband's post was meant to be a joke — but fans were not amused. User jannaodonnell81 wrote: "All this picture says to me is ... Jill is cooking with a child strapped to her back while you have the luxury of standing there watching and taking a picture on your phone ........ maybe try HELPING her!" Janeygirl56 says: "I was with you until I saw #womanswork This makes me sad and angry." And kelsey_hardy says: "Hashtag 'woman's work'? Wow and I was rooting for you too...."

But there were others that took Jill's comment to mean her husband's post was a joke; with fans like suen801 saying "@derickdillard Bet you said I'm going to post this and be entertained by the comments huh?" and a laughter emoji, while myfoneisbroken says: "Does no one understand sarcasm? Wow." 

Jill and Derick's housekeeping set-up has been criticized before

This isn't the first time Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard's household arrangements have gotten fans irate (via Cafe Mom). Back in 2018, Jill posted a photo of Derick on Instagram with a vacuum cleaner and the caption "My hubby is the best! Last pic is him vacuuming for me while I prepared lunch!" Fans were triggered because they felt Jill gave him too much credit for helping around the house. User shanleebrake says: "Oh sweetie, he's not vacuuming 'for you'. He lives there too and should totally take part in the daily maintaining of the house."

But we can't blame folks for reacting the way they do — the Duggars have been controversial for many years, starting with the family's first reality show, 19 Kids and Counting. Some fans are probably hoping that Jill — who is seen to be a Duggar "rebel" because of the way she dresses — has broken away her family's ways of doing things, too.