Here's How Much Your '90s Polly Pocket Could Be Worth Today

If you're a '90s kid who found it impossible to part with your beloved Polly Pocket toys — especially those of us still forcing our parents to store them — then you may be sitting on a mini goldmine, the kind Polly herself would be proud of in fact, without even realizing it.

In keeping with the nostalgia machine going into overdrive, everyone's favorite tiny plastic lady and her many teeny accessories now sell for a pretty penny. So if you can bear to finally part with her, and leave Pollyville behind for good, it may be time to get on eBay and start selling. 

Australians are shelling out big bucks for Polly Pocket

Time traces the beginning of Polly Pocket back to 1989, when Chris Wiggs created the dolls for his young daughter. At less than an inch in height, Polly was ideal for kids to carry around with them everywhere, while the packaging evoked the glamorous makeup products their mothers used at the time. Now, these classic versions of the toys are back in style as the Vintage Polly Pocket BlueBird 1992 Partytime Stampers, reportedly new and still in the box, are on sale for a massive $5,000 AUD, which is around $3,300 USD. 

Elsewhere, another Stampers set is on sale for $1,200 AUD (approximately $791 USD), while the pink Polly Pocket Princess Polly Travel Clock from 1993 is on sale for $1,800 AUD (around $1,200 USD). At the lower end of the market, for just $600 AUD, a vintage Polly Pocket BlueBird Carnival Queen wrist locket can be yours. It's still in its original packaging from 1996, too. And, for just $550 AUD, you can buy a 1996 Polly Pocket BlueBird Wedding Day necklace.

Vintage Polly Pocket is a massive seller worldwide

On the U.K. site, you can buy a 1995 Bluebird Vintage Polly Pocket Enchanted Storybooks Bedroom Locket for a not-too-shabby £200 (around $258 USD). The U.S. eBay is no different with listings for toys priced at hundreds of dollars. A birthday-themed set recently sold on eBay for $299, and a Fairy Light Wonderland set sold for $455, according to Today, who note the toys were at their most valuable during the Bluebird era from 1989 to 1998 before Mattel drastically overhauled the brand.

The bad news is only mint condition Polly products are going for the big bucks. There is some used stuff on sale too, but the prices differ considerably. Still, you could be sitting on hundreds of dollars worth of kitschy '90s gear. It's worth noting Polly still exists nowadays, both on her own website, on YouTube (how modern!), and even for sale in Walmart (at regular '90s prices, don't panic).