Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Expensive?

They're the kind of shoes that will get its wearer thrown out of any fine dining restaurant with a strict dress code no matter what they cost. So why would you pay at least $400 for a part of shoes where "new" actually means "pre-scuffed"? 

If they didn't have a cult following, you could be forgiven for thinking that Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo, Italian designers for Golden Goose, were this side of crazy (via GQ). Out of the box, the shoes look worn and as though they need to be heading for the recycling bin before long. So why are they so expensive, and how have they been able to pick up a cult following among the elite?

Golden Goose shoes are hassle-free

Those who have worn these shoes are in love with not just the look, but the fact that the shoes also send a message. GQ says pre-distressed sends a not-so-subtle message that its owner bucks the trend and doesn't care about what people say or think. 

But beyond the messaging, practical moms like blogger Lauren Kay Simms who have forked out more than $500 for a pair of Golden Goose sneakers say the shoes are "insanely comfortable," so much so that they can be worn straight out of the box, without having to worry about blisters. Ironically, Golden Goose's beat-up look means owners have less to worry about when they go out because you don't have to be mindful about keeping your shoes clean when they are meant to look like a mess anyway.

Golden Goose sneakers are hand crafted

But if you go beyond the way they look, reviews from sites like online retailer Timpany's says Golden Goose are also expensive because of the way they are made and designed. Its shoes are hand-finished by craftsmen, and certain models are made with high-quality Italian leather. They've been compared with sneaker designs by designer Isabel Marant, and have a hidden wedge heel which makes the wearer look much taller (and have much longer legs) than they actually do. Timpany's also says Golden Goose has been perfectly distressed because all the breaking in has intentionally been done for you.

So if all this sounds like something that you could buy into, Golden Goose sneakers could be your next big buy, that is if you're willing to part with about $500 in exchange for something that looks like you've owned it (and didn't really bother to look after it) for some time.