The Reason Robert Pattinson Still Has 'Terror Memories' From His Twilight Days

Starring opposite Kristen Stewart in the Twilight franchise may have helped Robert Pattinson achieve international fame, but filming the movies wasn't all a walk in the park. The star recently opened up about his experience during that time, revealing that he still gets some pretty intense flashbacks to those days.

In an interview with GQ, Pattinson said that back in his Twilight days he got stalked by the paparazzi a lot more than he does today. "I have so many terror memories of the paparazzi... and I still don full-on protective armor, hood up, hat down," said the star.

Robert Pattinson wishes he could dress like A$AP Rocky

Pattinson's "protective armor" may help protect him from intrusive paparazzi shots, but he sometimes dreams of rocking a wilder look. "I wish I could dress like A$AP Rocky, he just has serious style," admitted Pattinson. "We have been to quite a few different fittings together and I will see the craziest thing and really want to wear it, but look like a total moron. Then we will go to the show and I will see Rocky in it and be like, 'Jesus Christ, you can literally wear anything!'"

Instead of mimicking A$AP Rocky's look, Pattinson is sticking to a more clean-cut image, typically wearing T-shirts and blue jeans.

Robert Pattinson is taking care of his skin

Pattinson's skin may not sparkle in real life like it does in the Twilight movies, but it does glow, thanks to an intense skincare regimen. "As I am getting older I'm definitely noticing things," he said. "I used to not do anything at all, up until a few years ago, and I can definitely see the difference [in my face now], especially if I am traveling a lot."

The Twilight star also revealed his go-to skin secret: sheet masks. "It's very American Psycho, but [they] make a massive difference," he said. "I'm fully committed and I even put an eye mask on over the top too. Try it!"