What Happens If You Wax Your Eyebrows Too Often?

Brows are more important than you think. Known for their ability to frame the face and offer a natural facelift, whether you prefer a thin or thick shape, they deserve your full attention. A good place to start is knowing how often should you wax your brows, and, more importantly, what happens if you wax your eyebrows too often.

"Everyone has a different time frame as to how often they should get their brows shaped," brow guru Jimena Garcia told Well+Good. "Brows grow in hair cycles. Typically they'll start to grow between 4 and 8 weeks until they start to fully sprout." While this differs on a case by case basis, "Giving time for the hair to go through these stages is very important," she explained. "Letting the brows fully grow out all together and be removed all together is key so that each strand doesn't wind up in different cycles."

Brows should be waxed every 3 to 4 weeks

Ultimately, you should be getting your brows waxed every three to four weeks, says Marie Claire. But even that can be too often. Brow master Stevi Christine agrees, telling Allure, "When your brows appear too thin, the shape is off, or they don't look related," it usually means you need to take a break and let your brow hair grow out. Your brows should be complementing your face shape, not standing out, so it's important to know when they have been over waxed. 

And that's not the only reason to reconsider how often you wax your eyebrows. Matt Shakik, senior brow specialist at Spruce & Bond, believes you should be ditching waxing altogether. "It's crazy to me that people are still getting brow waxes," he told StyleCaster. "It's the fastest way to prematurely age the eyes, and no one wants to speed up the aging process," he explained. Given the eye area is very delicate, Shakik believes waxing can cause damage to the skin. Instead, consider opting for tweezing, but you'll want to be careful not to overpluck.