What's In The ACE Family's Favorite Starbucks Drink?

What's the best way to discover something new at fast food? By ordering what the person before you had, which is what Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz of The ACE Family decided to do. Even if they have 18 million followers on YouTube alone, we can't see The ACE Family stars thinking — let alone predicting — they would set the internet on fire by featuring a Starbucks hack.

And as it turns out, they did. While Catherine Paiz ended up with a grande, no whip mocha frappuccino with coconut milk, Austin McBroom ended up with a venti green tea frappuccino, but it was no ordinary green tea frap because the person before them had ordered the drink with 10 shots of raspberry and a caramel drizzle (via YouTube). The drink received rave reviews from McBroom (who bought drinks for everyone behind him), and a shoutout from the couple, which saw orders for the drink at Starbucks shoot up.

The Starbucks hack has won over ACE Family fans

The Starbucks hack got rave reviews from fans who posted videos and comments with their reactions to the drink. The video also got one comment from user Bash-Bash who said, "NO WAY IM SO SHOCKED!!! THAT WAS ME WITH THE BLACK NISSAN ‼️‼️I saw your car behind mines (sic) and I didn't think it was u guys . I always make my Starbucks order like that ! It's a weird combo but I'm glad they liked it. I'm super happy. Like my comment so they can see it! I love you Ace Family."

After prompting from other users, Bash-Bash admitted he (or she) used to work at Starbucks before, and a customer endorsed a drink as a must-try.

While some of the family's fans questioned Bash-Bash's story, most believed him (or her). At least Bash-Bash managed to get a bit of credit for the drink that's made plenty of Starbucks — and ACE Family fans — pretty psyched.