What The McGhee Sextuplets Look Like 10 Years Later

How rare are sextuplets? Pretty darn rare, as you may imagine — when's the last time you saw a stroller built for six? A fact sheet from Raising Multiples indicates that there have only been maybe 175 sets of sextuplets born in the entire world since statistics about that sort of thing started being kept — and sadly, only about 35 of these sets are ones where all six may have survived their infancy.

Well, the McGhee six, the first sextuplets ever seen in the city of Columbus, Ohio, have not only survived but thrived. We've all been able to follow along as we watched their adorable antics on Six Little McGhees and Growing Up McGhee, part of the popular reality TV genre involving "extreme multiples" like OutDaughtered, Sweet Home Sextuplets, and Jon and Kate Plus 8. It's been almost 10 years since the little McGhees were born, but evidently all six are still doing great. What's more, Mom and Dad are still hanging on to their sanity, miraculous though that may seem.

What are the McGhees up to these days?

Mom Mia is still working as a realtor and dad Rozonno owns a carpet cleaning company, but with six 9-1/2-year-olds running around the family's four-bedroom house, it's doubtful that their own carpet is any too clean. All six kids are currently in third grade (as you may recall from Growing Up McGhee, mom made the decision to hold them back a year), and — well, it's somewhat of a struggle making sure that all six of them get their homework done and pitch in with their share of the household chores.

Mia McGhee confessed to Today that it's even more difficult raising school-age kids than tiny babies: "The older age and their awareness makes it difficult... They have their own opinions, personalities and identities." She readily admits that every day "the house is in a frenzy," but says that "the once-had-it-together parents are taking each day one at a time and picking our battles wisely."

Yes, things get pretty crazy — in fact, they've been nothing but crazy for the past decade — but six times the fuss is also six times the love. And as McGhee says of her sometimes-battling offspring: "I love their love for each other. They fight hard but they love even harder. I call it built-in best friends."