What Name Will Meghan Markle Use Post-Megxit?

She picked up a new name less than two years ago when she said "I do" in a wedding watched by millions around the world. And while Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is still married to Prince Harry, her name will change once again after they bow out of the British royal family at the end of March.

Both Harry and Meghan have recently indicated that they aren't interested in using their titles, which they will get to keep, but have also been told they cannot use. In a recent appearance in Scotland, the event's host Ayesha Hazarika introduced Prince Harry to attendees by saying: "He's made it clear that we are all just to call him Harry. So ladies and gentlemen, please give a big, warm, Scottish welcome to Harry" (via E! News). Then there is the video posted to the Sussex Instagram account in late February, when Meghan was caught on camera telling British Vogue's editor Edward Enninful to call her by her first name, instead of "Duchess" (via Insider).

Members of the British royal family get to choose their last names

Unlike us mere mortals, royals get to choose what it is they want to have as a last name — because they usually aren't born with one. Growing up, Harry and his older brother William were known as "Harry and William Wales" — which is fine, according to the British monarchy site, because they took the "House" name of their father (Charles is Prince of Wales). Prince William's children are reportedly known as George and Charlotte Cambridge at school.

Today Harry and Meghan are known as the "Sussexes," and they could stay that way because as far as we know, they will continue to be the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. But if Meghan doesn't fancy being known as "Rachel Meghan Sussex," she can always pick up the last name Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip styled for their descendants back in 1952, Mountbatten-Windsor, which is the last name Harry and Meghan gave their son Archie after he was born, call herself "Rachel Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor."