This Is How Much Money Jessa Duggar Is Really Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the extended Duggar clan, stars of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On, are worth a whopping $3.5 million combined. It's a massive figure, but split between all the kids, and their own children, even a few million dollars can only go so far.

Still, the appeal of the Duggars is — and has always been — how normal they seem. If they were living it up in a mansion, the effect would be lost. Fans love watching them dealing with whatever life throws at them, like recently when Jessa Duggar shared about her son's developmental delay. Sometimes, however, it's unclear how the likes of Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben Seewald are making ends meet with kids to feed, too. Reality TV means good money, but there are still plenty of bills to pay.

Jessa Duggar is doing pretty well

A recent Reddit discussion involved a fan asking out straight whether Seewald does anything for work besides homeschooling the children, especially as he has a college degree to fall back on. Jessa's income, meanwhile, may come predominantly from sponsored social media content. However, it's worth noting that, according to InTouch Weekly, she previously denied posting for money (Hollywood Gossip rounded up several instances of the Duggars sharing allegedly sponsored content, which begs to differ).

Patriarch Jim Bob owns his own real estate company as well as several properties, so it's possible he helps out whenever Jessa and Ben need it. Seewald has even been known to do some handyman work for him, too. The couple also charged for speaking engagements a couple years ago, as per the official family blog. Their main source of income is likely the show which, reality TV producer Terrence Michael told E! News, could reasonably be netting them $25,000 per episode for one budgeted at $250,000, as stars generally take 10 percent.

Today, Ben and Jessa are estimated to be worth around $400,000, according to Celebrity Toob, while Wealthy Persons suggests slightly higher, at $1 million. The lower figure is more regularly collaborated, including by The Hollywood Gossip and Cheat Sheet, though so it's more likely to be accurate.