Reality Steve: The Truth About The Man Who Spoils The Bachelor

Any Bachelor Nation fan worth their salt relies on Reality Steve, the infamous blogger who seems to know more about The Bachelor and its spin-offs than pretty much anyone else. Just who is Reality Steve, and where does he get his information? 

Reality Steve's real name is Steve Carbone, and he got his start as Reality Steve in 2003 by emailing his friends recaps of Joe Millionaire once a week. Carbone began blogging about his favorite shows and did this for years, just for fun. "I always watched TV, but I never thought I would get into writing about it and caring about it," he told D Magazine.

It was 2009 when everything changed for Carbone, after he revealed a plot twist during the 13th season of The Bachelor in which Bachelor Jason Mesnick chose Melissa Rycroft as the winner, only to break up with her months later for first runner-up Molly Malaney. Suddenly, Carbone's popularity exploded and Reality Steve became known as a Bachelor expert. Today, Carbone makes six figures annually for his spoiler services (per Heavy).

Where does Reality Steve get his information?

Carbone gets most of his intel from people who contact him with inside information, like the shocking Bachelor revelation he shared in 2009. "I didn't really even believe it, because it was pretty crazy," Carbone told Reality Blurred. "Nobody had any reason to believe that. I had to wait just like everybody else for the finale to be vindicated."

Carbone took the risk and published the info because he thought it "was too detailed" to be made up, and his hunch was right. After that, more spoilers started coming in. Carbone said that he doesn't do any research himself. "I've never called a hotel in my life for this show," he said. "I've never had to; I probably never will."

While Carbone has been wrong with his spoilers before, and he does his best to verify the tips he is sent as much as possible, he thinks that most of the people sending in tips are genuinely trying to help. He said, "95 percent of the stuff I get is legit... I think people, for the most part, want to help... the bottom line is, I don't think a lot of people are out to give me misinformation."

Reality Steve doesn't really like The Bachelor

Perhaps the most shocking thing about Carbone is that, if he wasn't making a living from The Bachelor, he wouldn't even watch the show. Carbone admitted that he's not the biggest fan of the reality competition. "There are too many other good television shows, reality and scripted," he said.

Carbone does get some enjoyment out of the series, though. "I like making fun of the show; I don't necessarily like the show itself," he said. "It's not realistic to expect someone to get engaged... It's just complete silliness to me."