The Real Meaning Of Ayesha Curry's Tattoos

Ayesha Curry is not only married to NBA superstar Stephen Curry, but is quite the star in her own right with her Food Network cooking show. In addition to her passion for food, basketball, and her growing family (the couple have three kids), Ayesha is also a fan of tattoos, and at last count had about eight of these — or possibly 10, if you count as separate each of the symbols she's had inked in tribute to her kids.

While Ayesha's tats may be numerous, they in no way overwhelm her natural loveliness. In fact, the style of tattoo she favors is one where, as Inked describes it, "the lines are so thin it's hard to believe the tattoo is real."

Ayesha Curry's tattoos pay homage to faith, family, and career

Ayesha's earliest tat, according to Cheat Sheet, was a greater than/less than sign — she and her hubby got matching tattoos of this symbol, which Ayesha describes as a reminder to "be present." The couple later added matching tats of the Hebrew text for "love never fails to be," and Ayesha also has the word "faithfully" inked in cursive. This may refer to her strong marriage, but also, according to our girl AC, stands as a testament to the fact that she gives "all of the glory to God."

Ayesha's kids are each represented their own geometric animal symbol: a young wolf for son Canon, a butterfly for younger daughter Ryan, and a magical unicorn for free-spirited firstborn Riley. A tiny heart on Ayesha's left wrist may also refer to her love for her family, and a pineapple on her right ankle may either be a tribute to her husband's team the Golden State Warriors or else a possible hint at her cooking career (or maybe both). Her career is given a more obvious shout-out with the tiny whisk tattooed on her thumb.

Ayesha's most recent tat is that of a willow tree. While she hasn't spoken about its meaning, her tattoo artist Winterstone dropped a few hints in his Instagram tags: #strength #warriors #love #family. Well, that about says it all for Ayesha, doesn't it? A beautiful life, commemorated in exquisite ink.