The Untold Truth Of Thomas Rhett's Wife

Thomas Rhett's wife, Lauren Akins, has stuck with him throughout the years, and the pair have quite the love story. Learn a little about their relationship, and you'll find there's no denying the fact that they seem meant to be. Though many people may be skeptical about the love stories in Hollywood (and really, who could blame them?), Thomas Rhett and his wife appear to have a timeless romance.

But there's a lot more to Akins than just being the wife of a famous country music singer. From her career to her family to the values she holds dear, she is quite an interesting woman with a heart of gold, and that's made very clear in how she spends her time and what she posts to social media. 

The untold truth of Thomas Rhett's wife is pretty complex. It turns out that the wife and mother has quite the story to tell, and she's just getting started.

Thomas Rhett's wife has known him since grade school

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why Thomas Rhett's wife, Lauren Akins, and the singer have such a sweet love story is because they've known each other for most of their lives. The pair actually met while in grade school, and the two Georgia natives have been friends for quite some time. For a lot of people, that might seem incredibly romantic and sweet, but, for Rhett and Akins, it's just part of their love story.

In an interview with Taste of Country before his wedding, Rhett explained how he and Akins met. "We've [known] each other since we were in the first grade," he explained. He added, "We dated once when we were 15, and it didn't work out," noting that they'd stayed friends through their teenage years. With such a strong friendship as the foundation for their relationship, it's clear Akins' love for Rhett is as real as it gets, and vice versa. The fact that they met in first grade is just the sweetest icing on the cake.

Thomas Rhett's wife almost didn't get together with the singer

Though Lauren Akins might have been in Thomas Rhett's life for a while, that doesn't mean they didn't face some challenges before they got together. In fact, if it weren't for Akins' dad, Thomas Rhett's wife might not be married to the country music superstar, and her life would look completely different than it does today.

In a 2019 interview with Hits Daily Double, Rhett explained that his future father-in-law stepped in at a critical moment in his and Akins' life. It was "the night of her sister's graduation party," Rhett explained, and, when he told Akins' father how he felt about her, her dad gave him an ultimatum: Either tell her, or he would. So, Rhett did what Akins' father told him to, telling his future wife, "I just want to kiss you one time. If you don't feel anything, we can go back to being friends." 

Obviously, they didn't go back to being friends, and the rest is pretty much history.

Thomas Rhett's wife doesn't love being in the spotlight

Lauren Akins may be married to one of the biggest names in country music, but that doesn't mean fame was ever on her radar. Thomas Rhett's wife has even said that she feels out of place being a celebrity. According to her website, Akins "never wanted to be in the spotlight," but since her husband is such a romantic and wrote so many songs about her, she was kind of thrust into the world of celebrity anyway. But she's making it work and doing what's best for her. 

Moreover, despite her avoidance of fame, she's written a book all about her life titled Live in Love: Growing Together Through Life's Changes. In an Instagram caption promoting her memoir in September 2019, Akins wrote that she was just as shocked as anyone that she was writing a book. "I'm excited but of course a little anxious because I think sharing a detailed window into someone's personal life with people you've never met would make anybody a little nervous!" she wrote, noting that the book would be released in May 2020.  

Being famous might not have been where Akins thought her life was going, but she's handled it with nothing but grace.

Thomas Rhett's wife, Lauren Akins, has a strong belief system

Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins are known for being parents to three beautiful daughters, but, before their life with kids started, Akins was working with 147 Million Orphans, a Christian charity, in Uganda, according to People. And it's clear that her faith is important to her.

In an interview with People about their adoption journey, Thomas Rhett's wife explained that her faith really helped her when she was struggling with patience waiting for her daughter to officially join their family. Akins told People that she had to keep telling herself, "The Lord has gotten us this far, and I'm just going to have to trust that he's going to take care of the rest.'" Throughout the adoption process, Akins clung tight to her faith, and it's also something she wrote about in her memoir. According to her website, she discussed "a struggle to stay grounded in faith" in her book, Live in Love.

Though Akins now attends red carpet events and hangs out with other A-listers, she will likely always have her strong belief system — that's for sure.

Lauren Akins, Thomas Rhett's wife, called adopting their daughter a "dream come true"

If you follow Lauren Akins on Instagram, then you are likely well aware of just how much she loves her daughters. And while Thomas Rhett and his wife have two biological daughters, they also adopted their oldest daughter, Willa, from Uganda, and it's something they both wanted, especially Akins.

In an interview with PeopleThomas Rhett's wife described how intense the adoption process was, and she explained that she felt an instant connection to daughter Willa when she met her. Not only did Akins feel a strong bond with Willa, but getting to adopt was something she'd been wanting to do. "It's something we've worked for and hoped for for so long and it's just a dream come true," Akins told People. Akins added that Willa's nickname in Uganda was "Blessing," and it's something she totally "lives up to."

Curious about the process of adoption? Here's what it's really like when you decide to adopt.

Thomas Rhett's wife quickly felt a connection with their adopted daughter

When Lauren Akins first met her adopted daughter, Willa, she wasn't actually looking to adopt right then. But when Akins reached out to her husband, Thomas Rhett, everything changed. "Her life was going to be at the children's home unless someone else tried to give her a home," Akins told People. At first, Akins just thought she and Rhett would be "the helpers" who connected Willa to a home. But then Rhett told her, "We'll do it!" Their lives were then forever changed. 

Akins explained to People that there was something special about Willa that she just couldn't ignore. "All orphans have heart-wrenching stories, but it felt like this specific baby was ours," Akins told People. "I think that the Lord knew what he was doing when he did not let us get pregnant." Though Akins and Rhett eventually did get pregnant, Thomas Rhett's wife knew almost immediately in her heart that Willa was her daughter, biology aside.

Thomas Rhett's wife is a fan of the singer, but not the biggest fan

When you have a famous spouse, it might seem obvious to be a fan of their work. And while that usually tends to be the case, that isn't to say that the partners or significant others of popular musicians are always their biggest fans. For Thomas Rhett, his wife, Lauren Akins, is a fan of his, but she may actually like other musicians even more — specifically, singer-songwriter Jon Pardi.

When Rhett started working on a new song, "Beer Can't Fix," he knew he wanted it to be a duet with Pardi, as Rhett explained in an interview with iHeartRadio. And Rhett shared that there was someone who might have been more excited about the duet than he was. He told iHeartRadio, "I'm such a gigantic fan of Jon, like, my wife [Lauren Akins] likes Jon Pardi better than she likes me," he quipped. So while Thomas Rhett's wife, Lauren Akins, may love her husband's music, her husband's not automatically her No. 1 artist because of their marriage.

Thomas Rhett's daughters are his wife's biggest cheerleaders

With a romantic song like "Die a Happy Man" being written just for her, Thomas Rhett's wife, Lauren Akins, likely feels like the luckiest woman alive to be married to the country music singer. But even though her husband is a master of romance when it comes to making her feel loved, Akins explained that it's her daughters who truly give her the most confidence.

In an interview with Country Living, Akins said that her daughters are her biggest cheerleaders. She explained that when she gets ready to go a fancy, red carpet event like the ACM Awards, her daughters "just live" for seeing her all gussied up. "They make me feel 10 times more beautiful than my husband has ever made me feel, because they look at me so starry-eyed," Akins said. The wife, mother, and author has so much love for her daughters that when they look up to her, she clearly feels like she can take on the world, and that's pretty incredible.

Thomas Rhett's wife, Lauren Akins, struggled to find her own identity

Relationships are all about balance, and that's something Lauren Akins has struggled with since being married to country superstar Thomas Rhett. Though Akins is proud of her husband and all of his accomplishments, as she told Peopleshe was left wondering, "How can I live my own life of purpose?"

With a famous husband, it was hard for Akins to find her own identity, a struggle she addresses head-on in her memoir, Live in Love. As Akins' website explains, while Rhett was "living his dream" and Akins "was elated" for him, "she was also wrestling with some big questions" regarding her own life and what she should be doing with it. 

The struggle of finding the direction you want your life to take while also balancing being married to a famous musician can't be easy and Akins has never really said much about it before promoting her memoir. It might seem like Thomas Rhett's wife has it all, but she also has her struggles, especially when it comes to her character and direction she wants to take her life, all while supporting her husband.

Thomas Rhett's wife has always stood by her husband's side

Every marriage comes with its own challenges, but when you're married to a celebrity those challenges only get more intense. For Thomas Rhett's wife, Lauren Akins, the challenges in the early years of their marriage were nothing compared to the challenges they've faced while he's out touring. At the 2019 CMT Awards, Akins presented her husband with the Artist of the Year accolade, and, in a speech, she explained how she's always stuck by his side, even when the circumstances were less than ideal.

"Being married to a musician can be tough," she began, as reported by CMT. "When Thomas Rhett started out, I remember sharing a bunk with him on the tour bus. And let me tell you, it is a tight squeeze in those bunks. It might not have been that bad, but there were ten other guys on the bus, too." 

Akins went on to say that when she wasn't with him, it was even harder. She described how he would have to spend "180 nights on the road," and being away from him for so long was difficult. But still, they managed to make it work. Akins is there for Rhett, tour buses and all.

Lauren Akins, Thomas Rhett's wife, is a reluctant author

Though Lauren Akins may be many things — wife to Thomas Rhett, mother to beautiful daughters, and passionate volunteer for overseas orphanages — she never thought she would be an author. But with the release of her memoir, Live in Love, in May 2020, Akins found herself a reluctant author. In an interview with People to promote her memoir, Thomas Rhett's wife told the publication that she "never dreamed of having my story told in a book," but, with Live in Love, Akins shared details from her entire life "from when I was a little girl until now," though she was a little doubtful of doing so.

Akins echoed that sentiment in an Instagram post announcing the book in September 2019. "Sharing my life and my heart in a book was definitely not something I thought I would ever do but I think God had a different plan," she wrote. 

Thomas Rhett's wife has a degree in this field

Being a mom is definitely the hardest job in the world, but there is much more to Lauren Akins than being a mother. Thomas Rhett's wife actually has a nursing degree, and she's put her education to good use by doing medical mission trips abroad.

"There was always something in me that was like, 'Why did I go to nursing school? There's got to be a reason,'" Akins told Entertainment Tonight of her decision to do mission work. She added that she put in so much "hard work" in nursing school, so there had to be more to her life "than just going with my husband wherever." Akins said that she wanted to feel like she was "giving back" and using her education for good. To that end, she volunteers, and it suits her perfectly. Akins' life might not have panned out the way she had thought it would when she first went to nursing school, but she's still using her degree to better the world.

Thomas Rhett's wife thought their third child was going to be a boy

Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins had quite an intense first pregnancy. While they were in the midst of completing their adoption journey in Uganda, they found out they were pregnant with a baby girl, whom they named Ada James. It was a hectic phase, so, when Akins became pregnant the second time around, things were understandably a lot calmer. Well, for the most part. Though Akins had two daughters at home at that point, she was sure she was pregnant with a boy.

"I don't know why I thought it was a boy, because I've been more sick this pregnancy than with Ada James, and typically girls make you way more sick," Thomas Rhett's wife told Country Living in an interview. Akins explained that she might have been hoping it was a boy because the idea of having three daughters sounded so "overwhelming" to her at the time. Of course, Akins wasn't having a boy and is now a mom to three daughters, Willa Gray, Ada James, and Lennon Love. But for a while, she thought she might be adding a boy to the mix.

Thomas Rhett's wife is used to life on the road, but prefers to be at home

As the wife of a famous musician, Lauren Akins is used to her husband's busy schedule. She's used to him being gone a lot for work, and, since Thomas Rhett is so successful, it's no wonder that Akins appreciates the time they get to spend together when Rhett isn't touring.

"When he's off the road, we do whatever we can to be home and make memories with our kids here," she told Country Living in an interview. "That's our favorite thing to do." Thomas Rhett's wife added that when the singer gets to be home with the kids and take part in seasonal activities with the family, "he turns into a little kid all over again," noting, "It's sweet to watch." 

With a husband who has an intense schedule, it's no wonder that Akins likes to take advantage of the days her husband is home with her and their children.