Warning Signs There Won't Be A Second Date

You've finally met that person that makes you feel all sparkly inside. She's got the most amazing, shiny hair! He's got abs that make you think of Aquaman! You can feel it — this is the one. The question is, do they feel it back? Experts weigh in on the signs you need to know, raising warning flags that there won't be a second date.

The first thing you might notice is the overall demeanor of your date. Are they cold, bored, aloof, or in a hurry? If they aren't paying attention, they clearly can't get to know the fantastic you sitting across from them. Insider warns that distractions like being absorbed in their phone or a sports game, or other signs of boredom are neon signs indicating trouble. Your date shouldn't be texting while he's out with you — limit those phones to an Uber. If your date is preoccupied and already scrolling for someone else, chances are you won't be seeing them again (nor should you want to). Body language and attentiveness are strong indicators on whether or not a first date will lead to a second.

Your dates bar order can clue you in

While it's normal to meet a date over cocktails, it shouldn't be a kegger. Elite Daily says to watch how your date is ordering at the bar. If the person is ordering excessively it may be a sign that they aren't having fun, or even worse — a sign of alcohol abuse. Run the other way if you are headed towards more cocktails than conversation. Awkwardness in itself should be an indicator that things aren't going well. If there isn't a spark, no drink can fix that and your date will be one and done. 

And don't forget the value of kindness and courtesy. Cosmo tells you to pay attention if your date is rude or argumentative. Picking fights on a first date means there's a slim chance for a second meeting. Pay attention to how your date treats wait staff and service personnel while you're out. If the person is rude to a server, chances are they'll be rude to you or have unmeetable standards. Listen to see if they are dissing or disrespecting your favorite things and people. These are all signs that you not only won't get a second date but that you probably shouldn't want one.

While a second date seems like a great idea, sometimes it's best to count yourself lucky after one. After all, you didn't need them anyway.