What Happened To Chef Mila After Leaving Below Deck Med?

Mila Kolomeitseva was one of the most infamous additions to the Below Deck franchise, thanks to her penchant for licking raw steak and making homophobic comments in spite of working under an openly gay boss on Below Deck Mediterranean.

After being let go by the inimitable Captain Sandy, Kolomeitseva set her sights firmly on the future, admitting to producers, "Of course it makes me feel awful. People like me who have big egos sometimes have to be put down to earth a little bit." But the chef vowed to make her mark, promising her difficult experience aboard motor yacht Sirocco inspired her to work that much harder in future. 

Fans wondering what she's been up to can rest easy as she seems to be enjoying herself in Europe. During a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, a fan claimed to have spotted the lady herself in France.

Chef Mila has been spotted in Europe after Below Deck Med

"I saw Mila at a bar in Cannes. It was called New York, New York. She was just chilling there. I asked for a picture, and she got mad. LMAO," Cohen read aloud from the fan's tweet. WWHL guests and fellow Below Deck Med stars Aesha Scott and Anastasia Surmava were understandably shocked by this revelation. The fan in question later confirmed on Twitter that she did, in fact, get a photo with Kolomeitseva.

Chef Mila was the first female chef on the hit Bravo show, so fans were understandably rooting for her, particularly during a vicious bout of food poisoning. But her questionable decisions — like serving pre-packaged nachos and tacos to guests spending a couple hundred grand on their yacht trip — made Kolomeitseva's approach to service difficult to understand. Captain Sandy even said in an interview with Decider that she knew Mila "lied on her resume" after the tacos and nachos disaster. 

Away from reality TV, Chef Mila may be hiding in plain sight

Many fans actually wondered whether Chef Mila was a plant on Below Deck Med, in spite of the senior VP of current production at Bravo insisting to The Washington Post that his staff were all just as shocked by her behavior as viewers at home. Such rumors were confounded by the discovery of a StarNow profile, which seemed to match Chef Mila aside from a slightly different spelling of her last name (Kolomeytseva). The profile described her as an actor, extra, and model living in Hong Kong. The posting notes she's had previous onscreen speaking roles, though unpaid, and advises she can speak English, German, and Russian.

Chef Mila appears to be nonexistent on social media, with Twitter and Instagram coming up blank. Distractify links to a now-defunct Facebook page that was reportedly scarcely populated, though the site notes that Kolomeitseva was living and working in Monaco last time it was active. Wherever she is, hopefully Chef Mila is serving something worthy of her talents.