What The Cast Of 2 Broke Girls Looks Like Now

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It's been a while since the CBS comedy 2 Broke Girls was abruptly canceled, but we still haven't recovered from the loss of the beloved sitcom. The show ran for six seasons from 2011 to 2017, and centered on Kat Dennings as Max Black and Beth Behrs as Caroline Channing, two perpetually broke waitresses who dream of starting their own business. Dennings and Behrs' chemistry was undeniable, and the witty rapport between the two friends made for some excellent comedy. Fans were understandably heartbroken when the show was canceled. 

Since 2 Broke Girls ended, its actors have gone on to star in other shows and movies, so fans can at least catch a glimpse of the actors who brought such a memorable show to life. Still, it just isn't the same. The cast of 2 Broke Girls has changed a lot in the years since the show went off the air — here's what they look like now.

2 Broke Girls star Kat Dennings has maintained a busy TV career

Kat Dennings played one of the two main stars on 2 Broke Girls, and she is just as beautiful today as she was when the show started. In real life, she's anything but broke given her long and successful career. She has had no shortage of roles since the sitcom wrapped, signing on for series like Dollface and WandaVision. Dennings has also branched out into voiceover work. The actress voiced roles on the animated shows The Simpsons, Dallas & Robo, and Big Mouth after her role as Max Black on 2 Broke Girls was over.

Dennings is aware that her career has been marked by playing "emo" characters, such as Max on 2 Broke Girls and Jules, a character going through a breakup, on Dollface. She said she's okay with being the "sad girl," though, telling InStyle in 2019 that she relates to such characters. "Don't we all relate to the sad emo character?!" she asked, adding that her "storied love life" helps her bring an interesting and authentic perspective to the parts she plays.

Beth Behrs starred in this CBS sitcom after 2 Broke Girls

The eternally lovely Beth Behrs has been pretty busy since she ended her six-year run as Caroline Channing on 2 Broke Girls. Per IMDb, she made a guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory in 2018, and she also starred in the TV movie Culture Clash that same year. In 2019, she made a guest appearance on No Activity. The bulk of her acting career since 2 Broke Girls, though, has been spent on the show The Neighborhood, which premiered in 2018.

Behrs hasn't just been busy with her entertainment career. In 2018 — the year after 2 Broke Girls wrapped – Behrs married fellow actor Michael Gladis. Martha Stewart Weddings noted that she wore a stunning lace gown by Monique Lhuillier, looking just as gorgeous as she did when 2 Broke Girls first premiered. The wedding was also something of a mini cast reunion. ET Canada noted that Behrs' 2 Broke Girls co-star Kat Dennings was one of her bridesmaids.

2 Broke Girls star Garrett Morris had an arc on this popular series

Garrett Morris played the role of Earl on 2 Broke Girls, appearing on the show in all of its six seasons. Already a veteran actor when he joined the cast of the show in 2011, the actor's career spans generations. Morris' resume dates all the way back to 1960, when he made an appearance on CBS Repertoire Workshop

Today, Morris looks almost the same as he did back when he starred on 2 Broke Girls. He kept adding to his impressive list of credits after the show was canceled. Morris followed up the role of Earl with guest appearances on several television shows, including MacGyver, Scandal, Knight Squad, and the heartwarming tearjerker This Is Us.

The former Saturday Night Live star has also been keeping his music skills in good shape with some public singing performances. In 2018, the talented celebrity appeared at the Catalina Jazz Club in Los Angeles where he performed an original piece, "Come Back Valentine."

Jonathan Kite followed his 2 Broke Girls role with several TV appearances

Jonathan Kite has been acting steadily since being on 2 Broke Girls. He's been acting so much, in fact, that his career is exhausting just to hear about. In an interview for the podcast That One Audition in 2018, Kite said that he approaches his career as an athlete would tackle a sports career and is "constantly competing and training," noting that he never takes a day off — "especially with auditioning."

Kite's strategy has definitely paid off because he's landed job after job after playing Oleg on 2 Broke GirlsKite's resume is bursting with roles, from guest spots on shows like Family Guy and NCIS to meatier projects including a role in the film James the Second. With all that hard work, you'd think he'd look a lot older than he did on 2 Broke Girls, but Kite seems to be aging remarkably well. 

Kite is also a comedian and an impressionist. According to his website, he works as a touring comedian and has more than 100 celebrity impressions under his belt including Seth Rogen, Liam Neeson, Christian Bale, and John Lithgow.

Matthew Moy only landed a handful of roles after 2 Broke Girls

While many of the cast members on 2 Broke Girls have continued to enjoy great success in their careers after the show was canceled, Matthew Moy, who played Han Lee on all six seasons of the show, has not been as fortunate. As of this writing, the actor has only had a few roles since 2 Broke Girls wrapped. His biggest role was as the voice of Lars Barriga on the animated show Steven Universe. Moy voiced Lars as well as the voices of Zoltron and Dante Barriga from 2013 to 2019. Moy also voiced characters on other shows, including Voltron: Legendary Defender and White Snake, in addition to appearing on the show The Guest Book and in the film Exorcism at 60,000 Feet.

Moy hasn't aged much since he was on 2 Broke Girls, but his looks aren't all that has stayed the same. The actor still keeps in touch with his 2 Broke Girls castmates, telling Trainwreck'd Society that the show "was such a big part of my life, and will always be."

2 Broke Girls star Jennifer Coolidge has maintained a successful acting career

The lovely Jennifer Coolidge has been a Hollywood mainstay for quite some time and has more than 100 roles under her belt. Before she was playing Sophie Kachinsky on 2 Broke Girls, she had been acting for decades. You may remember her from her roles in Legally Blonde and American Pie, but her first role was in a 1993 episode of Seinfeld.

Coolidge's first role after 2 Broke Girls was a voice role. The veteran actress voiced the character of Mary Meh in The Emoji Movie. She told the Boston Herald that she loves doing voiceover work and finds it "very creative." Other voice roles Coolidge has had since 2 Broke Girls include Mrs. Toadstool in The New Adventures of Max, Bonnie in an episode of The Cool Kids, Fancy Nancy in the TV short The Fancies, and Myrtle in the series The Loud House.

Coolidge has kept quite busy over the years and not just with voice work. Since 2 Broke Girls was canceled, she's shown that she looks as youthful as ever with several live action film appearances in projects like Promising Young Woman and Like a Boss.

Ed Quinn landed a role on One Day at a Time after 2 Broke Girls

Ed Quinn was only on 2 Broke Girls for a handful of episodes from 2016 to 2017, but that doesn't make his character of Randy any less memorable. He landed a series of notable roles after the show ended, including major roles playing Max Ferraro on One Day at a Time and president Hunter Franklin in The Oval, where he looked just as dashing as he did on 2 Broke Girls. He also appeared in some films, including Grand-Daddy Day Care and The Last Summer.

Quinn is also a talented musician. While Quinn hasn't done much musically since releasing his 2012 album Lights Out Love as of this writing, he told The Hedonist Magazine in 2019 that he has plans to further his music career. He revealed that he was building a recording studio and had plans to create some new music, adding that creating music makes him feel like "this little kid again."

After 2 Broke Girls, Ryan Hansen landed his own show

Ryan Hansen wasn't on 2 Broke Girls very much, appearing as Andy in just a dozen episodes over the course of the show's run. Still, his character was a memorable one. While Hansen has aged a bit over the years, he's no less handsome than he was in the show.

Hansen went on to land a variety of roles after 2 Broke Girls ended, and he even landed his own show, Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television. He also appeared on other series post-2 Broke Girls, including American Housewife, Teachers, and Fresh Off the Boat. The actor also reprised the role of Dick Casablancas in the 2019 revival of the 2000s show Veronica Mars

Notably, Hansen has been kept pretty busy in his personal life. Aside from his successful acting career, Hansen is also a dad and a husband. According to Refinery29, Hansen has been married to his wife, Amy Russell, since 2004. The couple and their three kids enjoy a lot of family time together, and they do their best to keep their personal lives separate from Hansen's public career.

2 Broke Girls' Patrick Cox went on to star on General Hospital

Patrick Cox has aged quite well over the years. The actor played John on 2 Broke Girls from 2013 to 2015, departing the show before its 2017 cancellation. He went on to have arcs in other well-known shows, including General Hospital, where he played Rupert Watson in 2018. He also made a guest appearance on fellow 2 Broke Girls alum Ryan Hansen's show Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television. Other notable guest arcs include playing Wrench on Future Man and Tayler Carr on the 2019 season of Veronica Mars.

Perhaps one of his most exciting roles after 2 Broke Girls was a part in Aquaman, in which Cox played the role of Cue Ball, a seemingly menacing biker who turns out to be a big softie. Cox appeared in just one scene, but it was a memorable one. Cox revealed to Gearhead HQ News that, prior to his Aquaman audition, he had been filming in Fiji. Jetlagged upon his return home, he accidentally showed up a day early to audition for the role of Cue Ball. Fortunately, they let him audition, and he ended up landing the role. 

Christopher Gorham from 2 Broke Girls became a Netflix star

Christopher Gorham appeared as recurring character Bobby on the final season of 2 Broke Girls. Since the show wrapped, he's gone on to star in quite a few shows and films. Fans can get a glimpse of Gorham in the movies We Love You, Sally Carmichael! (which he also directed) and The Other Side of Heaven 2: Fire of Faith. Gorham also became a superhero, or at least voiced one, portraying The Flash in several Superman projects including The Death of Superman.

Gorham's biggest role after 2 Broke Girls was in the Netflix series Insatiable, in which he played a character whose name was quite close to that of his 2 Broke Girls character: Bob Barnard. Gorham also looked much the same as he did on 2 Broke Girls, having barely aged since then. Being on a Netflix show was a big change for Gorham, as the entire show is filmed at the same time rather than over a period of months. He told BriefTake that filming Insatiable was more like "shooting a film" than a typical TV show and that it required being separated from his family "for the most part." 

Eric Andre branched out to voice acting after 2 Broke Girls

Eric André was on 2 Broke Girls for just one season, playing the character of Deke from 2013 to 2014. He's been pretty busy since leaving the show, but that doesn't necessarily mean you'll recognize his face in projects. It's not because his looks have changed very much since he was on 2 Broke Girls (they haven't), but because some of his biggest roles since 2 Broke Girls have been voice roles. André's voice has been featured in several shows and films, including Lucas Bros Moving Co, Robot Chicken, and American Dad

One of André's biggest voice roles after 2 Broke Girls was on the animated Netflix series Disenchantment, which he described to Newsweek as "on the spectrum between The Simpsons and Monty Python." André also lent his voice to the remake of the Disney classic The Lion King, voicing the hyena Azizi.

Aside from voice work, André appeared in several live action films and movies after 2 Broke Girls, including Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping and Man Seeking Woman. And, of course, he was also the host of his own series The Eric Andre Show.

Federico Dordei of 2 Broke Girls joined a reboot of a popular show

Federico Dordei played Luis on eight episodes of 2 Broke Girls from 2013 to 2014. His arc on the show was just one in a long list of credits that includes dozens of film and television roles. His first role after 2 Broke Girls was a guest appearance on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Other television show appearances include Hot in Cleveland, Dice, Angel from Hell, and Elementary. Dordei also had roles in several TV movies like ESL – English as a Second Language, Surveillance, and Gorgeous Morons

In 2019, it was announced that Dordei was attached to the reboot of the beloved Disney show Lizzie McGuire, which was slated for a 2020 release on Disney+, as reported by Backstage. As noted by Variety, however, the reboot ran into some trouble after filming began, and it was put on production hiatus in January 2020 after the showrunner, Terri Minsky, stepped away from the Hilary Duff-led series. Regardless of his future with Lizzie McGuire, it's certain to only be a matter of time before we see the always handsome actor star in another project. 

2 Broke Girls' Gilles Marini became a soap opera star

The character of Nicolas on 2 Broke Girls only appeared in seven episodes of the show, but don't mistake Gilles Marini for a bit actor. In spite of his short arc on the sitcom, Marini is a prolific actor with dozens of roles under his belt who is still as handsome as he was on 2 Broke Girls. After leaving the cast of the show in 2014, Marini went on to land some pretty high-profile gigs, most notably the role Ted Laurent on the long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives. Marini described the character to Digital Journal as "a hopeless romantic" who "will do anything for money."

That's not the only drama Marini has appeared in though. Other television appearances include arcs on Devious Maids, Switched at Birth, Teen Wolf, and The Bold and the Beautiful. Marini definitely has that leading man appeal, as he has been in several films, including The Last Rescue, All I Wish, Alex & The List, and Waiting for Anya.

As noted by Soap Opera Digest, outside of acting, Marini is a loving husband and father to his wife, Carole, and their children, Georges and Juliana.

2 Broke Girls actor Nick Zano went on to star in this DC show

Nick Zano played the heartthrob Johnny on nine episodes of 2 Broke Girls. He departed from the show in its second season, and he didn't waste any time landing more acting gigs. Right after his role on 2 Broke Girls came to an end, Zano starred in the TV movie Prairie Dogs. His other film credits following his role on 2 Broke Girls include Lost Luck and Love Surreal. While he has some films under his belt, Zano's biggest success has been in television. His many television appearances include roles on Happy Endings, Friends With Better Lives, One Big Happy, and Minority Report.

Today, Nick Zano is somehow even more handsome than he was on 2 Broke Girls. He's probably best known for his starring role as Nate Heywood and his superpowered alter ego, Citizen Steel, on the superhero show Legends of Tomorrow. Zano joined the cast in the second season of the show, and was thrilled to portray a superhero. "It's unbelievable," Zano told Showbiz Junkies of being part of the DC universe.