The Real Reason Chase Chrisley Got His Scripture Tattoo Removed

Chrisley Knows Best star Chase Chrisley immediately regretted the permanent commitment he made to his Christian faith thanks to the negative reaction from his no-nonsense father, Todd. Fans of the show will know Chrisley likes to cause havoc, particularly for his long-suffering dad, but this time he went too far.


Chrisley got a massive tattoo on his side, denoting scripture from the bible. But rather than heralding his son for making his beliefs in the Lord so public, Todd put his foot down and demanded the offending ink be removed ASAP. As the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch explained to People, it was really a no-brainer. 

Chase's father Todd Chrisley was not impressed with the ink

"I paid for him to go a private Christian school his entire life," explained Chase's father, reasoning that if his son didn't know the verse in question by heart and "has to use his body as a cheat sheet," then Todd should really be getting a refund for all the tuition fees he paid. It would've taken at least 10 laser treatments, spread over months at a time, for Chase to rid his body of the tattoo. How quickly it faded would depend on how his body reacted to the treatment, according to the Andrea Catton Laser Clinic.


However, it's not all bad news, as fans of the show will know that Chase's reward for going through the excruciating pain of tattoo removal was a brand new Range Rover. Chase cheekily tweeted, "In my opinion I made a genius decision. $300 for the tattoo... Got $140,000... And people say Todd won ;)," in reference to his luxurious new car. He also shared a pic of the then in-progress ink removal, in response to fans claiming it was fake and all a stunt for the show (recent Instagram shots confirm it's pretty much gone now).

Parental disappointment made Chase Chrisley realize the error of his ways

Todd Chrisley, who is quite involved in his kids' lives, made his feelings about the tattoo immediately known, exclaiming, "We've got one child failing bible and another one who has gone and branded himself with it. Both of those things are heartbreaking to me," during an episode of Chrisley Knows Best. Meanwhile, his daughter, Savannah, told Too Fab the tattoo was even worse in person. She also revealed her father wasn't showing Chase any sympathy when it came to the pain of the laser treatments.


Savannah didn't really see the issue herself, however, noting, "I personally believe if it's something he wants and something he believes in, then that's something he should do." Elsewhere, Chase told TMZ, "[My dad] just doesn't like tattoos. He was raised in a different time and, I mean, I respect him." He admitted the main push to get it removed was his parents' disappointment in him. The reality star also clarified, "I wasn't doing it to spite them by any means [...] I had meaning behind why I wanted to get it."