Netflix's Love Is Blind: The Most Awkward Moments On The Hit Show

Love is patient, love is kind, and — according to Netflix's hit reality dating show — love is blind. Featuring dozens of singles looking for their future spouse, the first season of Netflix's Love Is Blind followed contestants as they made connections with total strangers without ever seeing each other's faces, each hoping to leave the comfort of the show's futuristic dating pods engaged to the love of their life. 


Surprisingly, the process proved successful for — spoiler alert! — a few couples featured on the hit show. Amber Pike and Matt Barnett tied the knot after navigating their fair share of relationship drama, and fan-favorite contestant Lauren Speed was able to shake her pre-wedding doubts and jitters just in time to say "I do" to fiancé Cameron Hamilton.

However, the Netflix reality show certainly didn't lack for plenty of disastrous moments — often cringeworthy enough to make one feel grateful for being single. From age-obsessed contestants to terrible first impressions to wine-drinking dogs — Love Is Blind is full of awkward, sometimes alarming moments certain to make you red with secondhand embarrassment. Here's a look at the most awkward moments on Netflix's Love Is Blind.


Nick Lachey's obvious intro made for an awkward moment on Netflix's Love Is Blind

Netflix's Love Is Blind is hosted by married couple Nick and Vanessa Lachey, but their minimal screen time left some viewers wondering if the hit Netflix reality show even required hosts. As noted by Vulture, the Lacheys appear throughout the first season of Love Is Blind for a grand total of 13 minutes, excluding the bonus Love Is Blind reunion episode. 


Despite barely being on the show, Nick Lachey managed to deliver one of Love Is Blind's most awkward moments in the very first episode. After Vanessa Lachey introduced herself to the contestants by saying, simply, "I'm Vanessa Lachey," Nick Lachey decided to take it up an awkward notch and say, "I'm obviously Nick Lachey, her husband."

Viewers were quick to point out Lachey's interesting choice of words, and it didn't take long for the former boy band star to poke a little fun at himself, as well. In a tweet on March 3, 2020, Lachey wrote, "OBVIOUSLY you guys are loving #LoveIsBlind, so OBVIOUSLY we had to do a reunion special." Added Lachey, "[By the way] ... I'm OBVIOUSLY Nick Lachey."

Carlton Morton had an awkward pod date with Amber Pike on Netflix's Love is Blind

Carlton Morton and Amber Pike might have been two of the most outspoken, headstrong contestants on Netflix's Love Is Blind Season 1. That said, as viewers learned in the first episode of the Netflix series, Pike and Morton's similar demeanors unfortunately weren't enough to ignite a spark between the two contestants. 


During the Love Is Blind season premiere, viewers watched as Pike and Morton were paired up in the dating pods; however, as Pike talked to Morton about her non-existent "daddy issues" and being a "tomboy" as a kid, Morton grew visibly uninterested. At one point, the contestant even pretended to take a nap in his pod as Pike unwittingly continued boring Morton with stories from her life. 

Finally, as Pike was talking about wanting to build things and "be a bada**," Morton quietly made his way out of the pod without saying goodbye, leaving Pike alone to talk to a wall. Yeah, we'd say sneaking out while the other person is talking is one of the things you should never do on a first date.

Jessica Batten letting her dog drink wine was a super awkward moment on Netflix's Love is Blind

Contestant Jessica Batten was at the center of countless awkward moments in Netflix's Love Is Blind Season 1; however, one moment stood out from the rest, and it set the internet ablaze with criticism. 


In the sixth episode of Love Is Blind's first season, viewers watched as Batten and fiancé Mark Cuevas had yet another heated discussion about their relationship, with Batten expressing her apprehensiveness about the age difference between herself and her fiancé, as well as Cuevas' super close relationship with his mother. However, the most memorable moment from their conversation came when Batten nonchalantly lowered her wine glass and allowed her golden retriever, Payton, to have a taste. After letting Payton get her fill, Batten whispered, "She loves wine." 

Making the situation even more uncomfortable, Batten confessed to Entertainment Weekly that she doesn't even remember the buzzed-about moment. "I don't even remember doing it," Batten told EW. She continued, saying, "I don't know why I did that but it was definitely unnecessary for sure."


Matt Barnett making fun of Diamond Jack's name was a cringeworthy moment on Netflix's Love Is Blind

While Diamond Jack didn't make it to the altar with former fiancé Carlton Morton, Jack was so popular amongst Netflix's Love Is Blind fans that she was invited to join the cast for the special post-finale reunion episode, in which she and Morton officially renewed their friendship following the explosive argument that ended their engagement. 


Fortunately, the former dancer for the Atlanta Hawks basketball team provided plenty of entertainment throughout her short time on the show. During her first pod date with Matt Barnett, Jack delighted viewers when she put the contestant in his place for taking a cheap shot at her name. "My name is Diamond," Jack said. When Barnett responded with a touch of apprehension in his voice, Jack continued, "That's my real name. I heard it in your voice ... you were, like, questioning it." 

Laughing, Barnett responded, "So, which strip club do you work at?" While Barnett said he was kidding, Jack was having none of his nonsense, telling him she was docking five points from his score. Obviously, Barnett isn't as funny as he thinks.


Matt Barnett's awkward switch-a-roo on Netflix's Love Is Blind was hard to watch

The show might be called Love Is Blind, but, for contestant Matt Barnett, a more fitting title would have been Love Is Confusing. Throughout the first three episodes of Season 1, Barnett struggled with his feelings for three women — Jessica Batten, Amber Pike, and Lauren Chamblin (known as LC), as noted by Entertainment Weekly. And, as viewers saw, Barnett's initial inability to make a decision led to more than a few awkward conversations. 


During one pod date with Batten on Netflix's Love Is Blind, Barnett mentioned wanting to propose to her, subsequently causing Batten to consider putting her budding relationship with Mark Cuevas on the back-burner. However, during their following pod date, Barnett confessed he wasn't planning to propose to Batten after all. 

Not only was it awkward to watch Batten realize Barnett didn't feel as strongly for her as she did for him, but it was even more uncomfortable to watch Batten drunkenly confront Barnett's frontrunner (and future fiancée) Pike, telling her, "I'm just telling you, he's a f***boy. I just walked out on him." Needless to say, the conversation that followed was totally cringeworthy. 


Jessica Batten from Netflix's Love Is Blind had a weird obsession with her age

As any Love Is Blind fan knows, Jessica Batten is 34, and Mark Cuevas is 24. At least, that's how old the contestants were while filming Netflix's Love Is Blind. Batten made sure to remind Cuevas (and viewers) of the ten-year age gap throughout nearly every conversation with her fiancé (via Entertainment Weekly).


During the sixth episode of the series, viewers watched as Batten took it upon herself to lay out simple mathematics for Cuevas, who seemed more than ready to never talk about his age again. "If we have a kid, and I'm like 36... you're 26," Batten told Cuevas, as if this was new information. She continued, saying, "The kid turns 14. I'm 50. You're 40." Again, Cuevas assured Batten he understood — but she didn't stop there. "So, then, in ten years, if the kid's like 8 years old ... that's when your parents will be 75 years old." 

While we understand where Batten was coming from, the entire interaction felt like one cringeworthy math problem the couple could never seem to solve.

This couple's bedroom problems made for an extremely awkward moment on Netflix's Love Is Blind

Giannina Gibelli and Damian Powers are two people who would have likely never dated in the real world, so it was a shock to see these two wildly different individuals form such a connection on Netflix's Love Is Blind – with Gibelli even shaking up the gender norm by getting down on one knee to propose to Powers during their final pod date.


Of course, it didn't take long for Gibelli and Powers' compatibility to be tested, with Powers even asking the outspoken Gibelli to watch her language and keep her political opinions to herself. However, the most shocking (and terribly awkward) moment of Gibelli and Powers' engagement period came when the fiery Gibelli chastised the more conservative Powers for his skills in the bedroom (via People). 

In the seventh episode of Love Is Blind, Gibelli asked Powers, "You know how you tell me this is the best sex of your life?" She continued, questioning her fiancé further, "Have you noticed that I don't return the compliment?" Ouch. 

Netflix's Love Is Blind star Cameron Hamilton rapping for Lauren Speed's mom was too awkward

Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed were the first couple to get engaged on Netflix's Love Is Blind, and the lovebirds managed to maintain their fan-favorite couple status throughout the series — ultimately tying the knot in the season finale. 


However, while Speed and Hamilton's relationship was far more sweet than awkward, Hamilton did make Love Is Blind fans feel the burn of secondhand embarrassment when he made the bold decision to bust out a rap for Speed's mother during their first meeting. "Back in college, I was in a hip hop group, and we performed a little bit," Hamilton revealed to Speed's mom, who asked her daughter's fiancé to give her a taste of his talent. After a little hesitation, Hamilton burst into a song — or rap, rather — about his relationship with Speed, dropping lines like, "I'm living in a dream and those haters wonder why / Well, I'm so high up that I feel like I can fly." 

As much as we love the guy, we could have gone without hearing Hamilton's Hamilton audition.


Amber Pike coming clean about her student loan debt on Netflix's Love Is Blind made for an awkward conversation

During the sixth episode of Netflix's Love Is Blind Season 1, viewers watched as newly engaged couple Matt Barnett and Amber Pike got honest about money — specifically, Pike's financial situation.

"I've only got one credit card ... my make-up credit card," Pike told Barnett, who was visibly uncomfortable to discover his new fiancée had a credit card dedicated solely to beauty products. However, the real kicker came when Pike opened up to Barnett about her student loan debt (via Refinery29). "Oh, and then there's my student debt from where I never graduated college," Pike confessed. When Barnett asked Pike exactly how much student debt she was talking about, she replied, "About 20 grand that I have not been paying on, honestly."


While the couple ultimately chose love over financial obstacles and tied the knot during the Love Is Blind season finale, Barnett's reaction to Pike's confession left viewers with the awkward feeling they were witnessing a conversation better suited to take place away from the cameras.

This drunken conversation on Netflix's Love Is Blind was almost too cringeworthy to watch

Thanks to their respective relationships with Matt Barnett, Netflix's Love Is Blind contestants Amber Pike and Jessica Batten weren't exactly BFFs throughout the hit series' first season. Unsurprisingly, their relationship was made even more contentious by Batten's lingering feelings for Barnett — despite her engagement to Mark Cuevas (and, of course, Barnett's engagement to Pike). 


In the ninth episode of Love Is Blind's inaugural season, the group of women went out for a joint bachelorette party, which overflowed with both alcohol and drama. During the celebration, an inebriated Batten approached Pike as she sat alone at the bar, wrapping her fellow contestant in a hug and drunkenly telling her, "I won't go after your dude." 

Pike, who had long been suspicious of Batten, responded by saying she would have broken Batten's nose had she tried to make a move on Barnett. Surprisingly, Pike's confession didn't seem to phase Batten, and the two topped off their alcohol-fueled gal chat with a cringeworthy, drunken kiss (via Page Six). 

This runaway bride moment on Netflix's Love Is Blind was awkward and heartbreaking all at once

Despite their tumultuous relationship, Giannina Gibelli was more than prepared to say "I do" to fiancé Damian Powers on their wedding day. So, when Powers tearfully responded to Gibelli with an "I do not," the almost-bride did what any reasonable, level-headed adult would do when confronted with the same situation: She ran away (via Refinery29). 


Gibelli's runaway bride moment had been teased since the promos for Netflix's Love Is Blind were first released, so seeing the moment finally play out onscreen was undoubtedly thrilling for viewers. However, thrill soon turned to secondhand embarrassment when Gibelli tripped on the wet grass outside of the wedding venue — an unfortunate cherry on top of a bad day sundae.

Things were only made worse by Gibelli's mother, who ran after her daughter, eventually finding the crying contestant on top of a parking structure. However, instead of comforting Gibelli, the concerned mother unintentionally rubbed salt in an open wound, telling her daughter, "Ideally, you would have said no, and he would have said yes." Uh, thanks for pointing out the obvious, Nick Lachey.


Kenny Barnes freaking out at the crew of Netflix's Love Is Blind was awkward for everyone involved

While their relationship was far less dramatic than the relationships of their fellow contestants (we're looking at you, Giannina and Damian), Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes sent a shockwave through the Love Is Blind fandom when Chase rejected fan favorite Barnes at the altar.


After delivering her break-up speech, Chase walked away — leaving Barnes to apologize to their wedding guests while Chase's own mother watched him adoringly. However, moments later, Barnes was far less cool, calm, and collected while talking to Netflix's Love Is Blind cameras. When asked by an unseen interviewer if he'd be open to marrying Chase in the future, Barnes responded, "I really can't answer that right now." He continued, "You have to actually respect the fact that I'm telling you this. I don't know." 

Unfortunately for Barnes, the offscreen interviewer continued awkwardly pressing the contestant for answers regarding his feelings for Chase (via Express). "That's wrong, what you're asking me," Barnes replied. Calling a crew member by their name, an exasperated Barnes continued, "I'm not gonna have things filmed. Please, stop recording, Jimmy."


This interaction on Netflix's Love Is Blind reunion show was awkward and unproductive

Despite seemingly talking out their differences at the joint bachelorette party and sealing their drunken conversation about Matt Barnett with a kiss — Amber Pike and Jessica Batten's relationship was rockier than ever during the Love Is Blind reunion special, which premiered on March 5, 2020. "You're sheisty," the newly-blonde Pike told Batten. She continued, calling her former fellow contestant "so fake" and criticizing her behavior throughout filming.


"Obviously, I was rejected by Barnett. I didn't take that very well," Batten admitted. Revealing that watching her actions onscreen had been "brutal," Batten offered an apology for how she acted toward both Pike and Barnett, saying, "It definitely was not good of me to even ever question [their relationship]." 

However, Pike made it clear she wasn't ready to forgive and forget. Pushed by Netflix's Love Is Blind co-host Vanessa Lachey to accept Batten's apology, Pike begrudgingly said, "I accept the intent behind the apology." Awkward.