Former Bachelor Franchise Stars Who Live Insanely Lavish Lives

Some former Bachelor franchise stars have been accused of being on the show for, as Jane Austen would say, "all the wrong reasons." That is, they joined the show just for the exposure and the chance to capitalize on their experience later. While finding your one true love on the show would be an amazing experience and certainly one to tell future grandkids about, should contestants be shamed for going on the show with the goal of advancing their careers?


After all, according to Vox, influencers can make thousands of dollars per social media post. Because many former Bachelor stars amass more than a million followers, they can expect to earn more than $10,000 for a single Instagram picture. Not all Bachelor contestants go on to promote brands and products on Instagram, but those that do end up leading insanely lavish lives.

A few former contestants have turned their Bachelor fame into bonafide careers or used their newfound stardom to further propel their professional lives. With the rise of social media, fans can follow their favorite contestants long after the cameras stop rolling and what they typically see are extravagant lives full of travel, events, and luxurious homes. These are a handful of former Bachelor stars who are living it up.


Former Bachelor franchise star Andi Dorfman is a real-life Carrie Bradshaw

When Andi Dorfman first joined the Bachelor franchise, she was a career-focused lawyer who had been unlucky in love. After becoming the star of The Bachelorette Season 10 and becoming engaged to contestant Josh Murray, though, Andi didn't continue her career in law. Her decision not to return to work was often scrutinized by the public. 


In her book, It's Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak Into Happily Never After, Andi explained her decision: "I had an opportunity to travel, do fun things, and spend time loving up on my (then) fiancé." She continued, writing, "Let's be honest, if anyone had the opportunity to make money having fun versus fighting rush-hour traffic just to grind it out at work day after day, they'd choose the former. I don't care how much you love your job." 

Although the book came out in 2017, it's apparent Andi continues to live by those words. And, since then, she's essentially become a real-life Carrie Bradshaw. She moved to New York and released a second book, according to publisher Simon & Schuster. A quick glance at her Instagram proves she also travels frequently and attends events in the city: a life anyone would envy.


Former Bachelor star Kaitlyn Bristowe's home life is the stuff of dreams

Kaitlyn Bristowe may just be one of the most successful contestants to come out of The Bachelor in the show's history. According to Entrepreneur, Kaitlyn hosts a wildly popular podcast, has a line of scrunchies and hair accessories that can sell out in minutes, and a wine label. According to Kaitlyn's interview with Entrepreneur, these endeavors felt natural to her, as the accessory line is all about "women coming together" and her wine label stemmed from a lifelong love of wine.


Not only is Kaitlyn living the career dream by starting her own businesses in fields she's passionate about, but she's also got a dream home life. Kaitlyn frequently shares snapshots from inside her Tennessee home with her nearly 2 million followers on Instagram. Even in the short glimpses we're privy to, it's evident her life is dreamy. Add in two adorable dogs and you can definitely say Kaitlyn is living a totally lavish lifestyle.

Corinne Olympios was living lavishly even before she was a star on The Bachelor

Living a luxurious lifestyle was essentially Corinne Olympios' brand on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor. She frequently talked about having a nanny and running her family's business. Although she was perceived as spoiled, Corinne told a fellow contestant (via Insider), "Listen, I'm not an idiot, I run a multi-million dollar company, and I'm not an idiot." She wasn't lying. The publication further reported that the company Corinne referred to is ArmorGarage, Inc. When The Bachelor audience finally got a glimpse into Corinne's luxe lifestyle during her hometown date with Nick, it definitely lived up to the hype.


In her post-Bachelor life, Corinne's lifestyle hasn't changed much. On Instagram, Corinne frequently shares selfies on nights out, vacation, or simply shots of her lounging around her gorgeous home and pool.

Career wise, Corinne seems to be pursuing her passions after her stint on reality TV brought her some notoriety. She told Entertainment Tonight that she was pursuing a music career and, according to posts on her Instagram, she even started dabbling in improv.

Former Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. is living the dream life in Arizona

Arie Luyendyk Jr. is the son of two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Arie Luyendyk Sr. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the former reality TV star's father has a net worth of $20 million, so it's safe to say that the one-time Bachelor villain grew up accustomed to a lavish lifestyle.


As of this writing, Celebrity Net Worth reports Arie Jr.'s net worth as being much less than his father's: $4 million. However, that's more than enough to support the luxurious lifestyle he's living in Arizona with his wife, the runner-up on his season, Lauren Burnham, and their daughter. 

Arie has amassed this extremely comfortable amount by following in his father's footsteps as a race car driver, according to Bustle, and also from working in real estate. His real estate website shows several multi-million dollar listings. According to Redfin, real estate agents make up to 3 percent commission on home sales, which means Arie is probably pulling in a pretty penny. It's no wonder, then, that he's able to sit courtside at hockey games, travel frequently with his family, and have a home as beautiful as the one fans see in the background of his Instagram posts.


Former Bachelor franchise star JoJo Fletcher is a bonafide globetrotter

Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher has been working non-stop since her time on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. reported that JoJo went back to the career she had before she joined the franchise.

While there's no shame to the contestants who choose to pursue the insanely lucrative Instagram business, JoJo is proof that there are more options for former Bachelor stars than posting promotion codes on their Insta Stories. That's not to say JoJo is without an Instagram account though. As of this writing, the former reality TV star has some 2.2 million followers. 


JoJo's main gig is flipping houses with her fiancé Jordan Rogers. The couple even hosted their own home renovation show together, Cash Pad, which allowed them to travel the country together doing the job that JoJo told she is "really passionate about." When JoJo and her man aren't working together, she shares photos of their fun and luxurious lifestyle on Instagram. Whether they're golfing, on the beach in Puerto Rico, skiing in Lake Tahoe, or hanging around in their gorgeous home, the couple is definitely enjoying their lavish lifestyles.

Former Bachelor Andrew Firestone is the heir to a multi-billion dollar company

Andrew Firestone is probably a name new fans of The Bachelor aren't as familiar with. He starred as Bachelor way back in 2003. While fans may not remember or have never watched his season on the show, his last name should ring a bell. Andrew is heir to the Firestone tire company, which is owned by Bridgestone. According to Statista, the corporation generates billions in revenue every year.


While being an heir to a company as large and successful as Firestone is lucrative in and of itself, the former Bachelor also works in real estate hospitality and has his own company, StonePark Capital. All this contributes to his $50 million net worth, per Celebrity Net Worth

Unlike many other former contestants and stars of The Bachelor franchise, Andrew doesn't show off too much of his life on Instagram, but his net worth alone is enough to assume he's living a lifestyle most people could only imagine. What he does share of his life on social media, however, is enough to make anyone envious. According to his Instagram, Andrew attends country club events, rodeo shows in Canada, concerts with his wife, and spends a lot of quality time with his kids.


Former Bachelor star Caila Quinn's life in the Big Apple is what dreams are made of

Caila Quinn may not have gained the massive following other former Bachelor stars did after their turns on the show, but the nearly 400,000 people who follow her on Instagram know that she's essentially living out every millennial woman's Gossip Girl fantasy. 


Her home isn't a sprawling multi-room mansion; it's a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn where, according to, the average rent is a spendy $2,936 per month and the average size is just 651 square feet. But, if the images Caila shared of the place on her blog With Love Caila are any indication, she's really turned her tiny digs into a home. When she's not hanging out in the apartment young 20-somethings dream of, fans can see from her Instagram that she's living it up in New York City, partnering with brands like Secret and Calia by Carrie Underwood. Oh, and not to mention traveling the world with her fiancé. Blair Waldorf herself is probably even jealous of Caila's life.

Former Bachelor star Cassie Randolph's life in California is a dream

Cassie Randolph really lives the phrase "California Dreamin'." If you peruse her Instagram, you'll notice Cassie frequently shares images of herself relaxing at the beach, traveling, modeling with her sister, or studying. However, this was not really all that dissimilar to what her life was like before she won Colton Underwood's heart on The Bachelor.


Before she was cast as a contestant on The Bachelor, Cassie appeared on the docuseries Young Once, which, in true Laguna Beach-fashion, followed along as a group of young adults in southern California navigated their lives and relationships. It was here that anyone who watched the show got a glimpse of what Cassie's life is really like.

Cassie later enrolled in graduate school to pursue a career in speech pathology, according to her Instagram. While that was an endeavor she actually started before joining the Bachelor franchise, Cassie splits up her studies to travel with Colton, attend events like the Country Music Awards, and partner with brands like Amuse Society, as her Instagram depicts.


Former Bachelor star Lesley Murphy lives out of a suitcase in the best way possible

Prior to competing for Sean Lowe's heart on The Bachelor, Lesley Murphy lived in Washington D.C. and worked as a political consultant, The Washington Post reported. While Lesley went back to her job after Lowe sent her home, she didn't stay in D.C. for long.


Lesley wrote on her blog, The Road Les Traveled, that a job opportunity took her to Buenos Aires. After living in Argentina for two years, she began blogging and traveling full time. Lesley's Instagram is full of images from her exotic adventures, like sleeping in teepees in Yellowstone, enjoying drinks in Bali, taking thermal baths in Budapest, and so much more. 

Of the decision to quit her desk job and essentially become a full-time nomad, Lesley wrote on her blog: "I knew it was risky to quit my well-paying job at a consulting firm in DC for a life abroad. I knew it was even riskier to quit my desk job in Buenos Aires for a life of travel. We must keep pushing the boundaries and wear our confidence like it's the most stunning ball gown at the freaking gala." 


Former Bachelor franchise star Wells Adams brushes shoulders with Hollywood's elite

Wells Adams quickly became a fan favorite on JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette. While he didn't win JoJo's heart, he did win over fans with his wine-fueled Snapchat commentary of the season, as Entertainment Weekly recalled. He later took on a role as the bartender on Bachelor in Paradise — and then his life really started to change.


Modern Family's Sarah Hyland revealed in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live that she Wells began flirting on Twitter while the 2017 season of Bachelor in Paradise was airing. Soon after Wells sent Hyland a message saying "Next time I'm in LA, I'm taking you out for drinks and tacos," the two began dating, and Wells became a regular attendee of some of Hollywood's biggest events.

Wells, who proposed to Hyland in July 2019 according to his Instagram, hangs out with the likes of Nick Jonas and Busy Phillips and also frequently walks red carpets. He may not be on a different vacation every week, but Wells is truly living a lavish Hollywood lifestyle.

Former Bachelor star Ashley Iaconetti got her fairytale ending

When Ashley Iaconetti was on Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor, she made it very clear that she was looking for a real-life fairytale, going so far as to become upset when fellow contestant Jade Roper got a Cinderella-themed date, as Bustle highlighted. However, in 2019, Ashley's dream finally came true when she married Jared Haibon, a contestant from Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette, thus cementing their place as one of the most memorable Bachelor couples in history. 


The road to that place, however, was a rocky one, as fans of the series know all too well. According to Cosmopolitan, it wasn't until years after the couple first met that they officially started dating in May 2018. After their relationship became official, though, it was full steam ahead. 

In 2019, Ashley and Jared got married in a ceremony and reception that, according to People's exclusive photos, was straight out of a Disney movie. But, that wasn't the end of Ashley's fairytale lifestyle. On Instagram, Ashley regularly shares Stories of the couple's home and it's just further evidence that she is living out the life she always dreamed of.

Former Bachelor franchise star Nick Viall's LA life is laidback luxury at its finest

Nick Viall is one of the few Bachelor contestants who can't stop showing up on the franchise. He competed on not one, but two seasons of The Bachelorette, appeared on Bachelor in Paradise, and led his own season of The Bachelor. While he may not have found love, he definitely turned the exposure gained from being a reality TV star into a comfortable life.


Since his time on the show, Nick founded his own line of essential oils called Natural Habitats and started his own podcast The Viall Files, where he frequently interviews Bachelor Nation stars and offers insight into the series. While Nick may not jet-set around the world like other former Bachelor franchise stars, he's carved out a laid-back — yet still luxurious — life for himself in Los Angeles, California.

As his Instagram reveals, he frequents red carpets, hangs out with true Hollywood stars like Courteney Cox and David Spade and, according to Entertainment Weekly, took an acting role in Speechless. So, even though his Bachelor journey didn't quite work out the way Nick might have hoped, his current lifestyle seems to prove it was all worth it.


Former Bachelor star Lauren Lane is married to a famous country music star

Bachelor fans first met Lauren Lane when she was still Lauren Bushnell and vying for (and later winning) Ben Higgins' heart on the 20th season of The Bachelor. While it didn't work out between the two, Lauren has since found love with country music singer Chris Lane, E! News reported.


According to People, the couple married in November 2019 in a small yet stunning ceremony. But, according to Lauren's Instagram, the couple continues to live luxuriously well after their wedding day. Lauren joined her husband on a tour that took them all over the country and to Europe — a dream experience for any girl who grew up crushing hard on a musician. But even when the couple's not trotting across the country on tour, their home life is still awesome. The former Bachelor contestant gave Entertainment Tonight a tour of their house in Nashville, Tennessee, and it is the definition of "dream home."

Former Bachelor franchise star Rachel Lindsay's life is all about traveling while she works

Though Rachel Lindsay didn't end up engaged with then-Bachelor Nick Viall, she told Marie Claire that her experience on the show as well as her later experience on The Bachelorette was life-changing — and not just because she found love with contestant Bryan Abasolo. "I have never thought that I would be in front of the camera, and here I am now, working in sports, working in entertainment," she confessed. "I have friends that I never thought I'd have, met people that I never thought I would meet." 


A quick peek at her Instagram is visual evidence of just how much Rachel's life has changed since going on the show. While she told the publication that she spends a significant amount of time traveling for work, she's also frequently seen on the beaches in Florida, vacationing, and attending events.

When it comes to her new lifestyle, Rachel also told Marie Claire that if it weren't for the show, she wouldn't have the life she has today, and encourages others to take the opportunity should it be offered: "I would definitely say do it, because I just feel like if you're granted with an opportunity, don't cut yourself off before it's already begun."