Jelly Nail Designs You'll Be Asking For In Spring 2020

Jelly nails started to trend last year, and it doesn't look like they're going anywhere this year. As nail artist Alex Stonehouse told Nail Style, "'90s trends have been making a comeback for a while and jelly is no exception — remember those glittery jelly sandals? Jelly nails are super easy to create: just mix your favorite polish with a clear top coat over a clear nail. These are perfect for the summer with bright colors and a retro, beachy feel." 

But beyond bright jelly nail colors for summer (seriously: the brighter, the better), we've found the top three jelly nail designs you'll be asking for this spring.

Follow Selena Gomez's lead with navy jelly nails

When Selena Gomez's nail artist, Tom Bachik, posted photos of her chic navy blue jelly nails on his Instagram profile, a trend was born almost instantly. Just the right amount of deep blue that they still work on the cooler days, they also mask anything that might get stuck behind your see-through nails, meaning they're practical by day, and look seriously sophisticated by night.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize your jelly nails in spring 2020

Spring is all about accessorizing. "There isn't really a limit; it'll just change up the look a bit", Alonna Mitchell, manager and nail artist at Pamper Nail Gallery in California, told Coveteur. "I've added Chromes on top, Swarovski [crystals] for sure! I've even gone as far as putting a jelly coat color over encapsulated designs that I've done to change up that effect as well. So you're not really limited to doing jelly on only clear nails. Get creative with it," she continued.

Glam up your jelly nails with glitter

Glitter is always a good idea so it only makes sense that this spring we're seeing jelly nails finished with sparkles and stars. Whether your nails are clear or colored, you're sure to make a statement that's just the right amount of subtle yet glam. The best part? You can play around with colored, metallic, and clear glitter, too.