The Real Reason Why Kelly Ripa Won't Hold Hands With Her Husband

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have been married for more than 20 years, but is their relationship dangerously close to crumbling at any moment? Thankfully, there isn't any infidelity or abuse or even a lack of communication. But these two longtime lovebirds are facing an issue that simply cannot be fixed, no matter how hard both parties might try. Even couples counseling won't do the trick here.

Ripa made the shocking revelation during a February 2020 interview. The mother of three, fitness fanatic, and TV host confessed everything might look perfect on the outside but, just underneath the surface, a massive, possibly insurmountable problem is looming.

Kelly Ripa is cursed with short arms

The issue... is arms. Or, more specifically, Ripa's arms, which she says are too short and too T-Rex-like to adequately grip her husband's hand the way she longs to. "Our marriage really could end at any time because we can't hold hands. We don't have hand-holding compatibility. So, when we hold hands it's very awkward, even in a car," she confessed to PureWow.

When pressed about just how awkward her Polly Pocket arms make things for the couple, the Live with Kelly and Ryan host pulled up a shot of her and Consuelos trying to hold hands in the back of a car and looking pretty uncomfortable while doing so. "Because his forearm is so much longer than my forearm, to hold his hand I have to bend it in half," she explained, joking that probably means their marriage is doomed.

The deliriously happy couple is compatible in virtually every other way, however. They revealed their New Year's resolutions with InStyle before the start of 2020 and confirmed both parties were fully committed to Consuelos snoring less — so clearly they have shared goals.

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa were meant to be

In February 2020, Ripa and Consuelos celebrated the 26th anniversary of the day they met. The Live with Kelly and Ryan host told the sweet story on her show (via People), sharing how her hubby surprised her with five roses. "I'm really not sure the significance of the five roses. I didn't want to split hairs, but I thought it was really sweet," she deadpanned. Consuelos, who flew down to New York during a break from shooting Riverdale in Toronto, explained how he'd worked out the exact date so they could mark it together.

People noted the two actors met at Consuelos' screen test for All My Children all the way back in 1994. Ripa was starring on the show at the time and her soon-to-be husband was auditioning to play her on-screen love interest, as luck would have it. After seeing a photo of him, Ripa was smitten. Now, all these years later, they're still making it work — even in spite of her short arms and his snoring.