Is Ty Pennington Married?

Ty Pennington may have stepped out of the limelight in recent years, but the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition host hasn't been spending his time alone. The multi-hyphenate, who's enjoyed successful careers as a carpenter, author, and, of course, TV host, among other things, has been in a long-term relationship for pretty much forever.

Ty Pennington is worth a lot today, so, if he was a bachelor, Pennington would be highly sought after, but sadly anybody hoping to sweep him off his feet can keep on dreaming; he's definitely not single. But just how settled is the famous Trading Spaces alum?

Ty Pennington is in a long-term committed relationship

The truth is Pennington has been with girlfriend and manager Andrea Bock for the better part of 20 years. There's little information about the two online, though plenty of speculation. It seems the happy couple met in Atlanta, Ga., where the TV host was born, way before he became a famous TV star, and she's stayed by his side ever since. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition may have replaced Pennington, but rest assured Bock never will.

During an interview with Parade magazine (via The Hollywood Gossip), Pennington was flat-out asked about their relationship. He confirmed he and Bock weren't married and had no plans to walk down the aisle. "Not married, but we're still together. We're definitely a team," Pennington stated firmly.

Pennington and Bock are seemingly on the same page about making things official too, as Bock told Star magazine (via The Hollywood Gossip) the two were in no hurry to tie the knot. She shared they were having a great time together and presumably still are, since they've stayed the distance for almost two decades. The arrangement clearly suits them as, no matter what happens, they remain committed to each other.