The Real Meaning Of David Bromstad's Tattoos

David Bromstad of Color Splash with David Bromstad, My Lottery Dream Home, and other HGTV series is a self-confessed tattoo addict and he's not afraid to show it. Often found posting his new designs on his Instagram account, he is quick to explain to his fans what each tattoo means, from the lion tattoo on his front left lower leg (which symbolizes that his zodiac sign is Leo) to the Cinderella castle tattooed on his right thigh (reportedly a tribute to his life-long love of Disney). According to Tattoo Me Now, Bromstad has several tattoos dedicated to Disney, including a full sleeve featuring Micky Mouse on his right arm.

If Bromstad's Instagram is anything to go by, his most recent tattoo is of Hogwarts from Harry Potter. "My latest tattoo! The Wizarding World has altered the fantasy realm forever and we all are better for it! I'm living for the simple graphic design of this Hogwarts tart," Bromstad wrote. "I wanted it different from my Cinderella castle tatt in every way. Although Disney and Harry Potter have nothing to do with each other, the thing they gave in common is they both make the world and more magical place," he continued.

David Bromstad's tattoos are diverse

On Bromstad's right calf, you can find the word "LOVE" colorfully depicted. As Bromstad explained on Instagram, "Love! Isn't it the most fabulous word?! I just love it. It's the one positive thing we have with every single person on the planet. It transcends race, religion, sex, orientation, beliefs and basically everything. Love is colorful and incredibly complex but also so simple and pure. I love this tattoo." And next to it, unsurprisingly, he's added a rainbow. "It symbolizes so much for me. The gay flag, my love for color, my first tv series, color splash, freedom and it's just plain happy," he revealed on a separate Instagram post.

He also has the words "LIMITED EDITION" written across his chest, with his year of birth, which he described on Instagram as "Tasteless. Shameless." poking fun at himself, along with two tribal tattoos — one of his chest and one on his left arm. According to Tattoo Me Now, the tribal tattoo on his left arm features three Chinese characters that mean "Artist and Painter."