The Real Reasons Allergies Are Worse At Night

It's allergy season, and everyone around you is suspicious your sniffles are contagious. But the aggravation doesn't end there — you get home and find that once the sun goes to sleep you can't seem to do the same because your symptoms worsen. According to a study by The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, roughly 74 percent of us are exposed to three to six allergens in our bedrooms. You're obviously not alone in this struggle, so what the heck is going on and how can you prevent an already annoying allergy season from being even more bothersome at night?


One of the primary reasons your seasonal ailments worsen when you lay down for some rest boils down to basic human anatomy. When you're laying down, your nasal drip ends up moving down the back of your throat and in turn aggravates coughing and wheezing. A pretty easy fix is propping your head up a bit at night so nasal drip flows out your nose instead (via WebMD).

Simple ways to alleviate your allergies

Another potential cause of the aliment is household mold, if you are allergic to the stuff. It might be hiding in places near your bedroom, like the bathroom. Definitely do a quick mold hunt and eliminate any you find. If you're feeling really ambitious, you should go out and get yourself a dehumidifier. Mold loves moisture so keeping things dry should help (via Carolina Asthma & Allergy Center).


Beyond that, experts say when allergy season comes around it's a good time to update your bedroom. If it's possible to get rid of your carpet, definitely do that. If not, make sure to vacuum daily. As gross as it is to think about, dust mites in your mattress and box spring might be the source of your itchy eyes and throat. In order to prevent the little guys, use a dust mite cover. An air purifier won't hurt either (via Health).

A rough night's sleep makes everything less tolerable the next day — including allergies — so before giving in to a season of grumps and itches, try these very simple and effective tricks to lesson your nighttime allergy symptoms.