'60s Hairstyles That Are Back In Fashion In 2020

The Summer of Love is practically ancient history now since receding into the rearview mirror over half a century past. The times they are a changin', all right, as all of the boomers who were setting the styles and changing the world back then are now the punchline to mean-spirited millennial jokes. Love them or diss them, you can't deny, though, that those kids back in the Swinging Sixties sure knew how to rock some super-groovy fashions.

Even if patched bell-bottoms, trippy tie-dyed t-shirts, and fringed leather aren't your thing, you can still get in the spirit of the days of peace, love, and revolution with a '60s-inspired hairdo. All of these hairstyles that are back on trend for 2020 were inspired by 1960s celebs and superstars ranging from a president's wife to a tragically-murdered movie star who was brought back to life in one of last summer's biggest hits.

Rock the big hair bouffant in 2020

While for some the image of a bouffant hairstyle might conjure up a mile-high mess stiff with hairspray, '60s bombshell Brigitte Bardot made her half-up bouffant the sexiest look you could ever imagine. All Things Hair calls this half-up, half-down style "timeless," noting it's a favorite look of sadcore crooner Lana del Rey. 

Byrdie agrees the bouffant look is long overdue for a comeback, noting that this simple yet stylish look is surprisingly easy to put together. Pair it with Brigitte's signature cat-eye liner and some go-go boots for a look that's hotter than an atom bomb, baby!

Go for a perky pixie this year

Brigitte Bardot, woman of a thousand hairstyles, mostly favored leaving her locks long and lovely, but even she couldn't resist trying out the super-short pixie cut (hers was bleached platinum blonde for a movie role). The pixie cut is perhaps best-known for being worn by '60s supermodel Twiggy, she who invented (or at least popularized) the "waif look," and was also adopted by actress Mia Farrow. 

In recent years, celebs including Katy Perry have shown that the pixie cit is still just as stylish today.

Bring back a fashionable flipped bob in 2020

This classic 'do was perfect for women ranging from First Lady Jackie O (or Jackie Kennedy, as she was known during her White House years) to First Lady of Soul Aretha Franklin. It's a sleek, tailored style with a little lift on the top and some curve on the bottom and looks elegant as is, but even better if you accessorize your flip with a cool accessory such as big barrette or a wide headband (perhaps one in a groovy paisley print).

The casually curly look is always in style

Sharon Tate was well on her way to being the "It girl" of the '70s, but her life was shockingly cut short by a psychopath and his band of brainwashed followers when she became one of the victims in what came to be known as the Manson Family murders in the summer of '69. Half a century later she was reintroduced to audiences whose parents hadn't even been born when she lost her life, reenacted by Margot Robbie in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (a movie with a much happier ending than real life provided). 

Elle spoke with the stylists who worked to recreate Tate's iconic California girl look and they said they were going for something that would resemble the soft waves of hair that had just been untwisted from a loose knot. Byrdie, however, notes that even with this free-flowing style, it might take some strong-hold hairspray to make sure your loose locks don't devolve into something flat and straggly.