What The Busby Kids Looked Like Then And Now

TLC's OutDaughtered follows the Busbys, a family of eight, including the first-surviving, all-female quintuplets in the United States. Parents Adam and Danielle Busby, along with their oldest daughter Blayke, instantly captured the hearts of Americans everywhere with their sweet story. Quints Olivia Marie, Ava Lane, Hazel Grace, Parker Kate and Riley Paige were born on April 8, 2015 and were very tiny when they came into the world. The girls were born prematurely, at just 28 weeks.

Seeing them today you'd never think they faced a long journey — which included a months-long stay in the NICU — at birth. Just as they five girls have grown immensely, their big sister Blayke has likewise changed alongside her younger sisters. And even though Adam and Danielle are done having babies, their family is still so fun to watch. Having trouble remembering how it all began? This is the Busby kids looked like then and now.

Blayke Busby was excited to be a big sister then

Any parent would be worried at how their older children would adjust to having a new baby around. But for the Busbys, those concerns were even more intense as their only daughter Blayke would have to get used to having not one additional sibling, but five younger sisters. However, in the It's a Buzz World blog, Danielle Busby explained that Blayke loved her little sisters from the moment she met them.

"Blayke has been doing really well with all this," Danielle wrote in an April 2015 post. "She was able to visit her sisters for quite a while on Saturday and when sibling visiting hours were over ... she cried ... she did not want to leave ... she wants her sisters to come home." Clearly, Blayke is a great big sister, but she has a personality of her own, too. As Danielle described on her blog, Blayke could then best be described as a "little princess who always has a bow in her hair."

Now, Blayke Busby is a mini Danielle

After the quints came into the world, Blayke adjusted to being a big sister so well, but she's also grown up quite a bit since the quints were born. And, as it turns out, she's becoming quite the phenomenal young lady — and looks strikingly similar to her mom.

In an Instagram post featuring a smiling Blayke, Danielle Busby wrote, "You sure are a light in this world, keep shining my beautiful little one." In another post showing a happy Blayke alongside her mom in the snow, Danielle explained that "Blayke is loving the snow the most! This girl doesn't want to come inside at all!" Of course, Blayke also has some adorable quirks that make her unique from her sisters.

In a 2019 blog post for the It's a Buzz World blog, Danielle asked Blayke about some of her favorite things. Her favorite food? Chicken Alfredo. Girl's got taste. Her favorite school subject? Science and math. Her biggest pet peeve? In her words, "When my sisters are being embarrassing in front of other people." Anyone with little sisters can relate to that. Clearly, Blayke is a great big sister, but that doesn't mean she's all about her little sisters all the time. We hear that.

Ava Lane Busby was the first quint to come into the world

When Danielle Busby gave birth to her five daughters, the quintuplets, it was actually a quick process. As Danielle wrote on her It's a Buzz World blog, "All five Babies were out and off to the stabilization area within four minutes!" Still, as quickly as it happened, Ava Lane was the first quint to come into the world. Sadly, she developed an infection soon after being born.

According to It's a Buzz World, Ava just wanted "her mommy." Danielle continued, writing, "She wanted to just hold my finger so tight and hold her [pacifier] for her ... and the second I would think she was okay and let go, she would scream until I held her hand again." From the get-go, Ava Lane was a total momma's girl. Danielle further explained that Ava "is so strong" and "[blew] us away with her fight to get rid of her infection." As a baby, Ava Lane was already a determined little girl.

Ava Lane Busby is silly and spiritually-minded now

Ava Lane has grown up so much since she first entered the world so it's only natural that she's changed. A lot. Though Ava is still a little girl, of course, she's definitely matured through the years. The health complications Ava faces as a newborn couldn't even come close to holding her down; the tot is so full of life now. 

In an Instagram post featuring a smiling Ava Lane in the snow in March 2020, Danielle Busby wrote, "Only way to catch a smile from Ava is in an action shot! She is always so silly and any time you tell her to look at a camera she will 100% of the time make a silly face!" Clearly, Ava is a bundle full of joy and energy. Additionally, she's also pretty spiritually-minded.

In a 2019 blog post for It's a Buzz World, Danielle asked Ava some questions about herself. When it came to what advice she would give people, Ava responded, "Love Jesus." Commenters chimed in, appreciating the little one's advice. 

Olivia Marie Busby was the biggest baby back then

Because the Busby quints are, you know, quints, and Danielle Busby gave birth at 28 weeks pregnant, it's no surprise that all the quints were pretty tiny. However, when the quints were babies, Olivia Marie was the biggest one of the itty bitty bunch.

As Danielle wrote in her It's a Buzz World blog back when the girls were three weeks old, "Olivia is our 'big girl' ... she is the biggest and it's crazy what a few ounce difference feels like on a preemie. She looks like she has 'rolls' compared to the others." In another post, Danielle wrote that baby Olivia was "pretty stubborn" and "so stinking cute!" Danielle continued writing that Olivia had been the first of her sisters to do many things, including being the first one to, according to Danielle, "[poop] and [pee] on Mommy's hand as I was changing her diaper." Oh, Olivia! Clearly, the she was a big, yet tiny, handful.

Now, Olivia Marie Busby is full of laughs

Olivia Marie has grown up a lot since her birth and it's a lot easier to see her little personality coming through. Even though Olivia Marie is technically Ava Lane's twin, she's still her own person — and Danielle Busby loves to see how the two are both so similar and so different from each other.

In a 2018 blog post for It's a Buzz World, Danielle explained that "Olivia loves to say 'yeaaa-sssss' with a real southern drawl on it, and it is emphasized that you just asked her a dumb question and 'of course' the answer is yes, 'yeaaassssss.'"

In another post, Danielle explained that Olivia had become a happy-go-lucky kid. "You make me laugh no matter what the situation may be," she wrote. "You taught me that life is full of joy and we should just always 'roll with the punches'. You keep me laughing constantly." In a later 2019 post, Danielle dubbed her funny daughter their "goof ball." Olivia Marie Busby may be one of five and a twin, but as she's gotten older, she's really come into her own.

Hazel Grace Busby was special back then

Fans of OutDaughtered know that little Miss Hazel Grace is a pretty special girl and, as it turns out, she's always been that way. Yes, even as a baby, Hazel was pretty extraordinary.

In a blog post for It's a Buzz World, Danielle Busby wrote that Hazel was a powerhouse. "What a tiny little one who loves to show her sisters how she is so strong," Danielle revealed. She also added that Hazel's personality was already starting to come through, specifically with her sass and trouble-making. "My little Hazel ... according to the night nurses ... she apparently has become the party animal at night," she continued, "I have a feeling we may have our hands full with this one."

In another post, Danielle wrote that Hazel was really great at bonding already. Danielle explained how she "would just look around and then her eyes would lock on mine" in a "moment of peace, joy and love." Even as a tiny newborn, Hazel shone bright.

Hazel Grace Busby is still unique now

As OutDaughtered has always showed the Busby quints' progression, viewers were instantly taken with Hazel's story. The feisty redhead has been sporting glasses for most of her life due to an eye condition called nystagmus that, according to TLC, "causes her eyes to flutter uncontrollably." But that's not going to get in Hazel Grace's way.

Danielle Busby described Hazel as totally persistent in a blog post for It's a Buzz World. "You taught me that we should never wake up without a smile on our face," Danielle wrote. "That life really is full of rainbows and butterflies if you just wake up and enjoy what you have." Her mom continued, writing to her daughter, "You put up with a lot and you just roll with it. You have a spirit like no other and you bring me so much joy."

As Hazel has gotten older, she's only gotten more resilient and adorable.

Riley Paige Busby was wild way back then

Though Riley Paige Busby is known to OutDaughtered fans as the sassy, smart quint, Riley was just a tiny wild child back when she was a baby. Though she only weighed a little over two pounds, Riley still made a hilarious impression on everyone who met her.

In a blog post for It's a Buzz World, Danielle Busby gave an update on the quints when they turned three weeks old. Danielle explained that Riley was known as the "rowdy" child. "This girl is hilarious," Riley's mom wrote, adding that she "never ... stays in the same position she had been placed in. She absolutely wants to be sprawled out and in the most uncomfortable looking position as possible ... but she loves it." Even though Riley loved to thrash about as a baby, Danielle added that she loved to be held. Even as a tiny newborn, Riley was half rambunctious, half lovebug. 

Riley Paige Busby is so smart now

On OutDaughtered, fans watch as the Busbys try to navigate life with six daughters. One of the biggest issues that has faced the family as the quints have gotten older is trying to ensure every child feels equally loved and cared for. With a big family, that's a natural concern to have, but with a girl like Riley, it gets even more complicated.

As Riley has gotten older, her parents and teachers have noticed that she's quite smart. In fact, as one episode of OutDaughtered showed, Riley tested above her age group at her preschool. In another episode about a year later, Riley continued to excel. In fact, Danielle was shocked that Riley was advancing at a faster rate than her sisters. "I'm not sure I can handle a smart kid," she joked about the news. She continued, "I'm starting to wonder if she's bored and if that's why she always acts up." Riley was a handful as a baby, and as she's gotten older, she's become a handful in a whole new way.

Parker Kate Busby was always a low-key baby back then

The youngest Busby quint, Parker Kate, was actually a super low-key baby. Yes, even though Parker was a tiny premature baby, she still didn't fuss or require a lot of attention, but that doesn't mean she went unnoticed by her mother.

In a blog post for It's a Buzz World, Danielle Busby noted that Parker was "So beautiful and peaceful ... so chill and precious." Danielle added, "She loves to give smiles and loves to be talked to. We all think she is the calm one, the one who will tell Daddy all the secrets about the other girls.

In another post for the quints' three-week birthday, Danielle continued describing Parker as the chill one. "My relaxed, quiet, cozy little one," wrote Danielle, adding that Parker might also be the athletic one of the bunch. "I think she will be our little dancer for sure," Danielle described. "She loves to point her toes and kick her legs up ... it's so cute. She just minds her own business, doesn't require much attention and is absolutely precious!" From the get-go, Parker was special. 

Parker Kate Busby is stubborn and shy now

Since Parker Kate has gotten older, she's gone from being a contented baby to a toddler with, sadly, adult-sized problems. Parker started struggling with anxiety, as fans watched in a 2019 episode of OutDaughtered and her parents Adam and Danielle Busby likewise struggled to help their daughter navigate the disorder. "I am glad we are taking this step," Adam said of the decision to address Parker's anxiety. "I am just hoping we come away from it with a better understanding of how we can help her."

In a blog post for It's a Buzz World, Danielle wrote a sweet message for Parker, calling her "a doll." Danielle continued, "You have a smile that will light up any room and though you are a Daddy's girl, you are forever my baby. My last [official] child." Parker's mom joked, "You taught me that there really is someone out there more stubborn than me." The little one is clearly loved by her family and she's grown into quite the affable, young girl.