Here's How Welcome To Plathville's Ethan And Olivia Met

The biggest trouble-maker in Plathville — as in TLC's Welcome to Plathville, the reality show following the ultra-conservative Plath family — is undoubtedly the Plath family infiltrator Olivia. The wife of eldest son Ethan proudly proclaimed herself as a "hurricane" in an initial teaser for the show, and she's more than lived up to that moniker, challenging her brothers- and sisters-in-law on their attitudes to everything from sweets to modern technology.

Olivia's blasphemous behaviour — at least as heads of the family Kim and Barry see it — refers to her openly drinking Coke and watching movies... normal activities for most people her age. Still, regardless of the Plath parents' openly hostile attitude to the newcomer, there's no doubting Olivia and Ethan's ongoing commitment to each other. They appear to be a match made in heaven.

Olivia and Ethan met at summer camp

Olivia spoke to YouTuber Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball for over two hours on the phone, and Joy subsequently disseminated that phone call on her channel. Interestingly, Olivia revealed to Joy how her upbringing dovetailed with that of the Plaths. The fourth born in a family of 10 children, Olivia is originally from rural Virginia, where her family's strict religious beliefs were followed to the letter. They all attended a Christian family summer camp back in 2014, which is where Olivia met Ethan and the Plaths (it was amazingly called the Smokey Mountain No Greater Joy Shindig, according to Your Tango).

Olivia was originally unsure of Ethan, as he was younger than her and much more keen on the relationship. Their wedding website notes, "We didn't even really spend any time together, except for dancing a few times together in the evenings." At first, Kim and Barry were hopeful the two would get together, with Olivia even invited to the Plaths' home. She reportedly helped them set up their official website and social media accounts, which are tasks outside of their strict religious boundaries.

Nothing will keep Olivia and Ethan apart

Their wedding website advises that they initially dated long distance, starting in December 2016, writing love letters to each other to fill the time before seeing each other in person. Olivia and Ethan soon fell in love; during their first date, "over dinner and lots of conversation, Olivia finally realized what Ethan had known for several years ... we were made for each other!" He proposed in November 2017. According to Olivia, she also started to realize Ethan was no longer as committed to his family's values.

Joy revealed that Olivia was responsible for opening her husband's eyes to pop culture, Coca-Cola, and even alcohol, which is against the Plaths' faith. The happy couple also began traveling together, particularly after they married in 2018. This naturally led to a rift with Kim and Barry, who felt like their son was being taken away from them. It hasn't stopped Olivia and Ethan, however, who appear to be incredibly happy judging by their social media. Meanwhile, Joy noted the couple is as distant from the rest of the Plaths as they've ever been.