Easter 2020 Nail Designs You'll Love

Tulips and daffodils are waking up and shouting it's spring, and your nail's should, too, especially on Easter Sunday. Winter nails had their season, and now it's time to lighten the mood a bit with some bright and colorful polish designs. The only bummer about holiday nails is the after-holiday-weirdness, like when you have Santa Clause designs on your fingers late in January. 

Lucky for you, we've found some totally Instagram-worthy designs that will scream Easter on Sunday, but then flow seamlessly into general "spring nails." No one will peg you as the type of person who leaves their Christmas lights up year round — no shade if you are — with these designs. Welcome the warm weather, Easter egg hunts, and brunches with these fun pops of color, florals, and intricate designs. Without further delay, here are some design inspos we are totally loving.

Go for modern Easter nails this year

There's no reason your nails can't represent multiple things. If you're an art buff, a lover of spring, and an Easter enthusiast, you are basically required to do some modern Matisse-inspired nails like this InstagramerGlamour editor Elle Turner reports that just about anything is trendy for nails this year, but the more experimental the better. Seems like modern art-inspired nails hit all the marks for your 2020 Easter nail vibes, and will seamlessly transition to spring.

Picnic plaid nails are a fun look for Easter 2020

Are you planning a quaint Easter picnic underneath an oak tree? Maybe you are considering eating cucumber sandwiches and pastel dyed eggs among the daffodils? Well then pure plaid finger tips will look picture-perfect holding your picnic basket. You don't want to be the party-pooper at your family's Easter shindig by sporting the same old black or pink polish do you? Mix it up with this superbly spring manicure. 

Pastel French tip nails are perfect for Easter and beyond

Are you into the nostalgia of the '50s and '60s? The classic French manicure is an elegant and modern style on its own (via Glamour), but when you pair it with subtle pastels it's the perfect way to show you're feeling the Easter festivities. A pastel French manicure is a soft and sophisticated way to celebrate, plus your fingers will look great while serving up brunch. 

Try subtle floral nails for Easter 2020

Do you use your fingers a lot throughout the day but still want to get festive this Easter? Matte nail polish lends a modern look to your mani, while being tough enough to withstand your holiday activities (via The Shops at Willow Park). Add a soft flower and select a pastel base shade, and you've got yourself a set of nails that will endure even the most strenuous of Easter egg hunts.