Welcome To Plathville: Will We See A Season 2?

Welcome to Plathville is the latest must-watch TLC show about a not-so-average family and their trials and tribulations battling for acceptance in the modern world. In the case of the titular Plath family, that means strict rules for the gaggle of kids still living at home, from no soft drinks or sugar to no movies or TV. The debut season of the show certainly didn't disappoint, as family members bumped up against each other while attempting to understand their increasingly divergent viewpoints.

In particular, eldest son Ethan and his wife Olivia caused quite a stir by relaxing their devotion to the family's strict religious doctrine, which meant encouraging the younger members to partake in candy floss or to go on Instagram. With the Plath family's entertainment value evident, a second season seems like a no-brainer.

It's difficult to know whether the demand for a second season is there

As TV Shows Ace notes, TLC has yet to announce whether a proper, full-length season 2 is coming any time soon, or if it's even being shot at all. The first go-round was just six episodes, which is usually how networks test a new show's viability, but reviews are mixed, so it's hard to tell whether the demand is there. The show was, however, loaded with all-important drama, which is the main requirement for something of this nature.

Certain participants may not want to return, however, with Olivia admitting to feeling manipulated by the producers. She also complained on social media about the level of vitriol aimed at her since Welcome to Plathville began airing. Olivia even revealed in response to a comment on Instagram that she and Ethan were strong-armed into appearing on the show by his parents, who promised he could see the other siblings again only if they agreed to take part.

At least one Plath kid wants Welcome to Plathville to return

However, if there's one Plath family member who's definitely up for a second season, it's Micah, who posted on Instagram, "Y'all let's hope for another season!! I have grown and matured since this last one! I'm just becoming the true Micah!" alongside a shot of him and sister Moriah, both of whom are allegedly being led astray by Olivia, according to their strict parents. Moriah, however, was more vague. "This past season was a crazy time in our lives, but I just hope that every step we take will lead us closer to who we are meant to be," she wrote on Instagram.

Considering it was Kim and Barry Plath who pitched the show in the first place, at least according to Olivia, it may be up to them whether Welcome to Plathville gets another season. Or, maybe the producers won't proceed without the involvement of the supposed outsider and her husband, who are guaranteed to stir up drama. Most recently, Micah responded to a fan question on social media about season 2 by advising simply, "We're not sure yet." There's still hope, at least.